Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson beats the brakes off of Johny Hendricks

Wonderboy hit beat on Johny Hendricks for the better part of 1 round. Actual 1 Minute and 27 Seconds is all it took for Wonderboy to best his opponent. He started off with front leg side kicks then a roundhouse to the head.

Hendricks tried to take the fight to the ground but his attempts were easily thwarted. This win puts Thompson in line for a title shot. A well deserved one in my opinion. It also means that in this division he has the longest winning streak at 6 wins. Wonderboy… what is the secret of your powers?



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Jeremy Deschner
Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from the Texas Karate Institute. Now training in Brazilian Jiujitsu in Japan. Twitter: @mmajpn1 @jiujitsu_Jedi