Bellator & Rizin Both Reportedly Interested In Signing Wanderlei Silva. Why Not BOTH???

According to the rumors out there RIZIN FF and Bellator are both looking at one of the all time greatest fighter Wanderlei Silva! This is great news for MMA fans around the world. Why not do both?


I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Silva’s last fight in the UFC against Brian Stann. It was a knock down, drag out fight for all time! Silva beat the breaks off Stann. This was the final fight for both men and it was great.

Now Silva has had some legal troubles with the Nevada Commission because he allegedly dodged a drug test. The Commission initially issued a life time ban from fighting against Silva. Later on appeal the ban was lifted and it was turned into a 3 year ban. That would mean that he could fight again in 2017 IN THE US…. but RIZIN FF is in Japan and  is also interested in Silva.

I personally would love to see Silva return to PRIDE (AHEM!) oops I mean RIZIN FF in Japan. Over here Wanderlei Silva is an MMA GOD and would be a great addition to any show. Since being released from his contract with the UFC back in January of 2016, and becoming a free agent I think this could actually happen. The best move would be for Silva to sign with RIZIN through 2016 and then go to Bellator in 2017. RIZIN is only going to do about 4 to 5 shows in 2016 so this would be a perfect fit!

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