Up next on UFC Fight Night: Ben Rothwell vs. Junior Dos Santos

Two giants face off on April 10th on UFC Fight Night. For me this fight is more exciting than their last few PPV. I enjoyed watching Nate Diaz MERK Conner McGregor but let’s admit it, we want to see the big guys do battle!

Here is what the cards say on both fighters:

“Big” Ben Rothwell 36-9

Odds: -450

Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos 17-4

Odds: +400

What will happen here is anyone’s guess but there are your numbers. Could we see the winner of this fight getting a title shot? One has to wonder.

From my point of view JDS is the the superior boxer in this bout. But I said the same about Josh Barnett when he was up against Rothwell. At the end of that fight it was Rothwell’s gogo choke that won it for him in the nick of time. I really didn’t think he would last. But in the MMA game you can always be one move away from winning no matter what has taken place in previous rounds. You land a punch or a kick or you wrap up that neck and boom it is over.

I personally think JDS will stay on the outside of Rothwell’s range and out punch and out cardio him. That is my feeling having seen both fighters for years. We will see tomorrow.


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