Pancrase 277 on April 24th 2016!


That is right! One of our favorite promotions is back! PANCRASE!!! These are some of the best fighters in the world. Everyone that debuts in Pancrase is someone to keep your eye on. There is a strong chance you could see them move up to the UFC! Pancrase 277 kicks off on Sunday April 24th (Japan Standard Time) and this card is packed with killers. We have Josh Barnett’s student, Victor Henry back in town this time to impress us once again with his fantastic fighting skills. You also have UFC veteran Tokudome fighting on the same card as well as MMA new comer / Pro Wrestling cross over Syuri! Pancrase 277 is stacked up to be an exciting event! We will be there LIVE keeping you up to date on what is happening.

If you would like to follow the live tweets search for #Pancrase277 on twitter or follow@pancraseradio.

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