Amir Aliakbari in Rizin

With Rizin right around the corner we thought it would be good to focus on some of the matches that we are looking forward to. First on our list is this killer: Amir Aliakbari. He was originally scheduled to face off against Shane Carwin. Shane is out of the tournament now so Amir will now face Bellator’s King Mo in the ultimate bad ass fight for the end of the year tournament. King Mo is not a new face in Rizin. He has fought for them before and took the ~100kg tournament in 2015. It is no surprise they are asking to have this killer back.

If you look at Amir Aliakbari’s Wikipedia it says that he was an Olympic hopeful at one point but he failed a P.E.D. test and was shut out. We will never know what might have been if he had become an Olympian but now he is in Rizin. King Mo is a favorite, so we are sure this will be a great match that you want to keep your eye on from the first stage on December 29th. 

Amir Aliakibari Video

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