CroCop announces his retirement

Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipović who is 42 years of age has said his time in the ring/ cage is over. Just a few days after winning Rizin The Grand Prix tournament in Japan, he said that he was finished. In the past Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipović has announced that he was retired but has always come back to fight. He acknowledged that fact and added that this time is it and he is finally done.

He definitely goes out on a high note in his career. During his 3 fights at Rizin he did not appear to be winded at all. In fact he looked very strong and finished his final opponent Amir Aliakibari with a flurry of fast punches.

We are so fortunate to have been there live to see CroCop at his best. He had one of the best head kicks in the business. The question is, will this be his final retirement? Could Rizin temp him back with a small fortune?

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Jeremy Deschner
Black Belt in American Karate from the Texas Karate Institute. Now training in Brazilian Jiujitsu in Japan. Twitter: @mmajpn1 @jiujitsu_Jedi

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