Pancrase 286 Post Event Interview with Branco Cikatić

In the MMA community in Japan there are many foreigners that are seen as MMA royalty. K-1 in its prime set the standard for what fighting was evolving into. During the 90s and the early 2000s their brand of MMA was considered the top in the market.

Today at Pancrase 286 Branco Cikatić, who was the very first K-1 Champion, brought 3 of his fighters from Croatia to fight on the main card. All the fighters were very well trained in the martial arts. However this Japanese team ruled the day. Today the Samurai Spirit was strong with the home team. More on that later. For now please have a look at this interview that our man Stewart Fulton had with Branko.

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Jeremy Deschner
Black Belt in American Karate from the Texas Karate Institute. Now training in Brazilian Jiujitsu in Japan. Twitter: @mmajpn1 @jiujitsu_Jedi

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