Pancrase 287 Results

Last weekend was the event that some will call the best card that Pancrase has had all year. If you have the chance check it out on UFC Fightpass. Below are the results of Pancrase 287. The Next event will be Pancrase 288 on July 2nd 2017. The Main event will be Miura vs Abe.



Shintaro Ishiwatari def. Rafael Silva by unanimous decision – for bantamweight King of Pancrase
Syuri Kondo def. Kinberly Novaes by unanimous decision – for women’s Queen of Pancrase
Hiroshige Tanaka def. Hatsu Hioki by knockout (left hook). Round 1, 0:14
Ayaka Miura vs. Thaiane Souza ends in a no contest (Miura missed weight). Miura def. Souza by submission (scarf hold).
Yuya Wakamatsu def. Takahiro Furumaki by TKO (punches). Round 2, 2:27
Kenta Sakuma def. Hidekazu Fukushima by split decision
Kenichiro Togashi def. Eiji Ishikawa by split decision
Teppei Maeyama def. Takuya Eizumi by unanimous decision
Makoto Fukaya def. Yuki Yamamoto by unanimous decision
Yuki Ota def. Naoto Kurosaki by submission (toe hold). Round 1, 0:27
Yoshinori Horie def. Yuta Tezuka by knockout (right hand). Round 1, 2:37
Kota Fujisaki def. Katsushi Kojima by TKO (referee stoppage). Round 1, 2:45
Hanbyo Oniyama def. Takuya Saito by unanimous decision
Kazunari Kimura def. Naoto Shimizu by split decision
Mitsuhiro Taki def. Shuhei Sakano by split decision
Tetsuya Yamamoto def. Kazuki Hagiwara by submission (triangle-choke). Round 2, 1:10
Tatsuya Watanabe def. Kiyoshiro Akasaki by knockout (punches). Round 2, 2:41
Kota Kawahata def. Chihiro Suzuki by unanimous decision
Toshiya Takashima def. Takuya Goto by unanimous decision
Kei Matsumura def. Satoshi Miyokawa by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 3, 0:30



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