Ganryujima Adauchi 2017 – What’s it all about?

The Ganryujima Adauchi 2017 event is in the books. If you are unfamiliar with Ganryujima events, you might find them interesting. They are different from any MMA event you have ever seen. The production value for the event is incredibly high. They decorate the venue with some large, red Japanese gates and enormous posters of ancient Samurai.

This is not the only thing that sets them apart. In all other promotions, the fights take place in a cage or in a ring. In Ganryujima, this is not the case. They have a very specific setting for the fights to take place. In Ganryujima, fighters fight on a level platform over a moat filled with dry ice smoke! You read that correctly, a moat filled with smoke.

Ganryujima also does not follow the Unified Rules of MMA. They have their own rules for fights. That’s not all. In some cases, as we encountered yesterday, the rules can be modified or suspended depending on who is fighting. The rules have been going under revision up until this point. At the writing of this article, the rules are as follows: *subject to change 

  1. Both fighters wear a Uniform. It is a Do-Gi top with no sleeves and a pair of shorts. Each Do-Gi is closed with a black belt.  The fighters have no shoes, and MMA style gloves are used in the fight. The fighters can use the Do-Gi top for control, chokes, and take downs. Fighters can not pull on the opponent’s shorts.
  2. Punches, kicks, knees, take downs, and throws can be used. All elbow strikes are off limits.
  3. Fights are 3 rounds. Each round is 3 minutes.  The timer is continuous unless the Ref calls for a stop-time.
  4. Fighters can be knocked off the platform into the moat. If a fighter is knocked off the platform 3 times in one round it is counted as a win to the opponent (Ippon). If both fighters fall off the platform’s edge it doesn’t count for either side. The fighters are reset in the center of the platform.
  5. Ground fighting is limited to 15 seconds.
  6. Ground based choke submissions are off limits.
  7. Fighters are matched up on a style vs. style basis. Weight divisions are not necessarily observed.

Some high-level MMA fighters take part in the event. Due to the fact that this is not typical MMA event under the Unified Rules of MMA, losses or wins here do not affect the fighters professional MMA records.  In fact, the feel of the atmosphere around this event was very video game like in general. You have champions from other promotions fighting each other, using modified rules.  If you love MMA and fighting sports it is worthwhile to follow what happens in Ganryujima.

Ganryujima is currently available for streaming over the Internet for residents in Japan. They are in the process of setting up International streaming services. They also have English commentary for all their archived events. Stay tuned for more information.



Here are the results of Ganryujima Adauchi 2017 event.

Win                                             Loss

Taishi Nakajima vs      Real King Date
Shouta Hara  vs         Hannya Hashimoto
Kuntap Charoenchai vs Junya Taneichi
Hedeki “Shrek” Sekine vs Rocky Kawamura
Marcus Vinicius  vs     Michele Verginelli
Yuki Kondo  Vs          Ryuji Goto
Shouma Sivixay   vs     Kusunoki Jailo
Katsunori Kikuno  vs    Marcus Lelo Aurelio


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