Pancrase Partners with Drone Net, VR filming for fights

This is cool news! Pancrase signed a partnership with a company called Drone Net. This means that Pancrase can increase its production value by adding in a second crane camera and in the future a drone camera. Right now you can see many car races using the drone camera technology, but Pancrase will be the FIRST in Japan to use the technology!

We have also heard that in addition to using drones in the future, Pancrase will start filming in VR. Can you imagine putting on a VR headset and being right there at the event no matter where you are in the world? That is the beauty of VR. In the past, the UFC has rented out cinemas and shown their fights in eye-popping 3D, but maybe Pancrase is the first in the world to show fights in VR.

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Jeremy Deschner
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