Josh Barnett bids farewell to the UFC

Today we were monitoring all the MMA and JMMA news in the world and we came across some shocking news. Not only does this make us a little sad to have to see the end of an era, but the future possibilities are truly exciting. Josh Barnett, The Warmaster, has said goodbye to the UFC.

In his statement, found all over social media he discusses his career in the UFC and describes what the future holds. His history with the promotion had its ups and downs, but one thing for sure The Warmaster always put on a damn good show. Check out his statement and let us know what you think on Twitter.

We are excited for what the future brings with new promotions like Quintet 2 coming up July 16th. It will feature Grappling royalty and will be a history making event to see. Over the years, Josh has been a friend to all JMMA reporters here in Japan and is always gracious with his time. With fans he likes taking pictures and giving autographs. He is 100% class in our opinion and whatever direction his career takes from this point on, he will be successful. Count on that!


Read Josh’s statement on the URL below.



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