KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018 International Broadcast

KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018, broadcast to the world on Sunday, Aug. 19th on NextVR

It has been announced that the kickboxing promotion KNOCK OUT will broadcast its next show, KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018, to be held at the Ota City General Gymnasium, on NextVR, a virtual reality-based platform. The broadcast will be provided live all over the world*1 free of charge with English commentary.

*1 Excluding some countries and areas.

NextVR is the leading broadcaster of live events in fully immersive stereoscopic 3D virtual reality. NextVR has produced more than 1,300 VR programs, including professional sports content with the NBA, WWE, NFL and music concerts. This is the first time that NextVR will produce content in Japan for distribution to a global market.

The show will also be available via the new service “Oculus Venues” which was launched on May 30th by Facebook owned Oculus and can be enjoyed live with friends and many others in the VR world.

◆Sunday, August 19th, 2018, 16:00 start (JST)

◆Ota City General Gymnasium, Japan

Outline of VR broadcast


Broadcast contents

・Live broadcast of all the fights in KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018

Period: Live broadcast starts at 16:00 on August 19th

・On demand highlights from 3 fights in the latter half of KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018

Period: August 20th, 2018 to August 18th, 2019

・On demand content of all fights (edited) from KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018

Period: September 3rd to August 18th, 2019


How to watch

To experience KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018 in virtual reality, fans can download the free NextVR app from the stores associated with the following platforms: Oculus Go, PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE Pro, HTC VIVE, Windows Mixed Reality, Gear VR, and Google Daydream. Log onto for additional details including how to get started in VR.

The KNOCK OUT SUMMER FES.2018 live broadcast can also be watched using the “Oculus Venues” application if you have “Gear VR” or “Oculus Go”.

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