Knock Out : 2019 Winter The Answer is in the Ring


On Monday, February 11th, 2019 we were live at the Kickboxing event Knock Out : 2019 Winter The Answer is in the Ring. This is a  new promotion and we started to cover them last year.  We were impressed by the quality of their production. You get the lights and sounds of a bigger promotion like Rizin, but you have that up close feeling you get with a newer promotion. This event had all the bells and whistles you can imagine.

In Knock Out shows you will get a good mix of local Japanese fighting talent as well as talent from over seas. Knock Out rules are slightly modified from Muay Thai rules in favor of Kickboxing rules and the event is missing the Muay Thai music and fanfare. As you are well aware of Muay Thai Kickboxing was originally from Thailand. It has since spread in popularity all over the world. In Knock Out you have fighters from Thailand coming to compete in Japan and test the local fighters. In many cases this leads to some really intense fights! As a fan of Martial Arts it is a great show to go and see live due to the brilliant fighting styles and the pure excitement of being there live.

This card had 8 Fights on it. All of the fights were very exciting but for the purposes of this article we want to focus on the Co-Main and the Main event.

In the Co-main event you had Yodlekpet Or.Pitisak fighting out of Thailand Vs. Altandulguun Boldbaatar fighting out of Mongolia. Yodlekpet Or.Pitisak has fought for Knock Out 3 time and each time has shown his dominance in the Ring. He favors throwing those hard kicks that made Muay Thai popular around the world. Each time he hit his target it was accompanied by a satisfying smack sound and the crowd reacted with surprise!

Altandulguun Boldbaatar has fought for a couple of promotions in Japan and has found success here as well. His loss to Yodlekpet Or.Pitisak was the first of his career. In the past he had a successful match in Shooto and in one other Knock Out event. This time around this loss must of been shocking because this was a hard fight. He went all 5 rounds and ended up losing by Unanimous Decision in the end.

The Main event was a great fight. It was well deserving to be the main event in our opinion. You had Lee Chan Hyung fighting out of Korea Vs. Morii Yosuke AKA “Mr. Knock Out”.  Looking over both fighter’s highlight reels just before the bout made everyone excited for this fight. This fight only lasted to 1M21Secs of R2 and the Korean fighter ended up knocking down Morii 3 times and the ref had to call the bout a TKO as the Knock Out Rule stipulate.


Full Results:

Chan Hyung Lee Beats Yosuke Morii KO/TKO, 1:21 R2
Y. Or.Pitisak Beats A. Boldbaatar Unanimous Dec
Chadd Collins Beats Fukashi Mizutani Unanimous Dec
T. Midorikawa Beats Kentaro Hokuto Unanimous Dec
C. PK Saenchai Gym Beats Kazuki Osaki Unanimous Dec
Yota Shigemori Beats Kazuma Takahashi Unanimous Dec
Kenta Yamada Beats Kyoji Bancho KO/TKO, 1:48 R2
Yoshiho Tane Beats Koki Osaki KO/TKO, 0:51 R5

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