ONE Championship: Call to Greatness – Ayaka Miura





We caught up with Tribe Tokyo MMA fighter, Ayaka Miura, ahead of her ONE Championship debut since fighting in PANCRASE.

MMA-Japan: Hello Ayaka.

Miura: Hello.

MMA-Japan: How did you change your training in order to prepare for this fight?

Miura: I did my usual training camp, and I watched my opponents fight videos to figure out how to put together my approach.

MMA-Japan: How are you feeling today?

Miura: I’m cutting less water weight than usual, so I’m moving well and feeling good.

MMA-Japan: Tell us about your impression of Laura Balin.

Miura: There was no single area I thought she was particularly strong in, but she’s used to fighting five 5-minute rounds, so I feel she’s got great stamina.

MMA-Japan: Lastly, please give a message to everyone watching around the world tomorrow.

Miura: Hello everyone, I’m Ayaka Miura, and I’ll be fighting for the very first time in ONE Championship. Being my debut, this is a very important fight for me, so I’ll be bringing my specialty style and doing anything I can to win, so please show your support!

ONE Championship: Call to Greatness goes down in Singapore on Friday 22nd of February. Keep your eye on Ryo Chonan’s top female fighter with the seemingly unstoppable Judo based MMA style.

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