June 15th Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Aguilang Thani

On June 15th in Shanghai, the fans will finally have a long-awaited debut of the fighter known to many as Sexyama. His name is Yoshihiro Akiyama 14-6-0, 2 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) to the rest of the world. He has been in the MMA and fighting game for a long time and has been in several memorable fights. This time around we will see if his 4 year of inactivity has created any ring rust when he takes on his opponent, 23-year-old Malaysian giant Aguilang Thani 8-3-0 (Win-Loss-Draw).

One Championship had a chance to ask Aguilang Thani about the match with the legend Akiyama.
You could easily see Aguilang Thani’ enthusiasm for fighting Akiyama.

When asked about his thoughts on the fight Aguilang Thani said the following:

“I was surprised when I heard that the match against Akiyama was decided. I thought if I am myself in the fight I can beat Akiyama. I tell myself when I get up in the morning “Let’s beat Akiyama”. All I think about is winning this fight and I am at full strength now. After all he is a Judoka, right? I will show everyone that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is stronger than Judo.”

 Thani has a message for Akiyama.

“Hey, Akiyama. I know you think you are the best sexy guy, but I’ll take a match with you on the same day. We will see who is the best!

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