Floyd Mayweather Jr. Back in Japan!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is back in Japan and he is here to start spending money. Today at his brand new The Money Team (TMT) Tokyo office the champ and possibly the best boxer to ever live made a surprise visit and held a press conference for local media.







The purpose for the visit was for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to announce the opening of his new Tokyo office and to introduce the new CEO for the Tokyo branch, Mr. Toru Oshiba.  Mr. Oshiba went on to explain that the office was rented in the beginning of 2019 and they have been working hard to get ready for this press conference and the official grand opening which was today.



















Floyd Mayweather Jr. explained that his intention for opening up the Tokyo office is because he really loves Japan and has been here many times in the past years. He mentioned that just last year he came to Japan no less than 8 times. He says that he wants to build a billion dollar industry with TMT and it’s partners in Japan. He mentioned that he sees a lot of good opportunities coming to Japan in the next 7 to 10 years and that he wants to be part of it. When asked what he plans on doing here he said he planned to diversify what the company does. In addition to boxing promotions, they will also be investing in real estate in Japan, Jewelry, car dealerships and more. He said that with the 2020 Olympics coming to Japan and the recent change to the Japanese laws that will allow casino resort hotels to be built, that the future looks bright and the possibilities look endless.

Mayweather also said that of course more exhibition fights are in the near future but the athletes have not been decided as of yet. He and his team of people are talking to some very high profile fighters and trying to come to an agreement. He said that he is not ready to make any announcements as of yet but the fans can expect something soon. He also mentioned that he would continue to work with promotions like Rizin in the future and hoped they could put on some good cards for the fight fans in Japan and internationally.  With casinos now legalized in Japan it is conceivable that TMT could start to work with the casino owners to put on highly anticipated fights in the near future and make Japan become the Asian version of Las Vegas. Mayweather has the connections and could bring some celebrity talent over to draw attention to Japan and opening up it’s fighting game to even more international attention.

During the end of the press conference Mayweather mentioned that he is considering buying at least one residence for himself in Tokyo. He said that this is still in the very early stages but would love to live out here and be part of the local culture. This is just the beginning and we should expect some very interesting things from TMT.


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