Stamp Fairtex Trains Harder To Improve Her Game

It’s no secret that to reach the pinnacle of any endeavor in life requires an enormous amount of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work.

But to reach the world’s summit in three different areas – that’s a level of commitment that’s difficult to even fathom. That’s the rarified air in which multi-discipline Thai superstar Stamp Fairtex is currently operating.

Not satisfied with being ONE’s Atomweight world champion in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing, the 21-year-old now has her sights set on conquering the world of mixed martial arts.

While there are some clear fundamental similarities between the two stand-up arts, mixed martial arts is a much different proposition, where the complex beasts that are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling/grappling come so heavily into play.

But Stamp is typically undaunted. She realizes the value of hard work, being forced to deal with it from a young age in her native Rayong Province, and subscribes to the simple but proven theory that the more hours you put into something, the better you’ll become at it.

“I have to train harder, especially in the areas I’m not good at. Chances are not given to everyone. If a chance is given and we don’t take it, it would be a waste,” Stamp said.

But that’s probably oversimplifying it, especially when you consider the amount of work she’s already putting into maintaining the two thrones she already occupies.

Stamp trains on average 30 hours a week and runs nearly 10 kilometers a day, six days a week, while regularly sparring with her male peers at the renowned Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya.

“Right now she is training to defend her Muay Thai belt but we still require her to train mixed martial arts at least twice a week and jiu-jitsu at least three times a week so she’ll get to learn her moves,” explains one of her trainers, Prem Fairtex.

“Going for another belt is going to put even more training and toughness for her. If you want to be the best if you want to have three belts that’s what you’re going to have to do.”

And Stamp will look to ensure she remains the world’s best at her weight class in Muay Thai when she defends her title against Alma Juniku at ONE: Legendary Quest in Shanghai on June 15.

“I respect Alma and I know what she can bring to the table, but I also know what I am capable of and I have the utmost belief in my skills,” said Stamp.

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