Ev Ting Believes He Has The Edge Against Daichi Abe at ONE: Masters of Destiny

For professional athletes, defeat is a concept that is simply a reality of life. The true measure of your resolve is how you respond in the face of it.

However, for the professional martial artist, losing is an entirely different proposition, something that bites to the core. It’s not simply a matter of a difference in some numbers on a scoreboard, it can mean unconsciousness, injury, a more deep-seated physical pain.

Kiwi-Malaysian lightweight Ev Ting understands the ups and downs that come with the life he’s chosen. Despite consecutive losses in his past two bouts, Ting shrugs off the implication that he’ll be under intensified pressure when he takes on Daichi Abe at ONE: Masters of Destiny in Kuala Lumpur on July 12.

His is a more philosophical approach, the kind of mindset forged by years of combat at the highest level in ONE Championship‘s most cut-throat division. It’s all about perspective, he says.

“Pressure is when you’re late on rent. What’s done is done,” Ting explains.

“Getting choked out in front of two billion potential viewers is an absolute nightmare for some people, but for me, it’s just another day in the office.

“We all know that life is a roller coaster and some people scream at the scary parts whereas others embrace it. But at the end of the rollercoaster, everyone’s happy, right? I feel like it’s only up from here.”

Taking a loss and turning it into an opportunity is essential on the realm of combat sports, and that’s precisely what the Auckland MMA product has done in the lead up to his next bout.

“I’ve been a professional fighter for 10 years now, this is just what happens sometimes. Now it’s a whole different chapter, a whole different journey. Constantly improving and making good decisions every moment I get,” says Ting.

His opponent Abe is coming off three losses of his own, and Ting believes that will only make the judo-specialist a more dangerous proposition.

That said, Ting is completely confident that he has the tools – both mentally and physically – to get back into the winning circle and make a statement at the Axiata Arena.

“It’s pretty much who’s put in more work and who’s hungrier, who’s making more sacrifices right now. I feel like I’m ahead there and I’m going to showcase that by being better than him in every aspect of the game,” Ting concluded.

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