Pancrase 308 on September 29th, 2019 Sponsored by One Championship

Coming up on Sept. 29th, Pancrase will be putting on their 308th event in their numbered series. This time as always the venue will be Studio Coast in the lovely Shin Kiba area. One fight that you will have to see on the card will be Katsushi Sugiyama 15-8-1 (Win-Loss-Draw) Vs. Isse Tamura 12-10-0 (Win-Loss-Draw).

Tamura fights out of the world famous gym, Krazy Bee. It hosts many champions across several promotions and was founded by the famous Yamamoto family. Tamura is coming into the cage like a hungry beast. He has 2 consecutive losses with his last two fights. You have to know that those losses are fueling him to win his next fight. He last fought Kazumasa Majima 12-9-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) in Pancrase 305 back in May this year.  He lost after being submitted by a head and arm choke at the 3m41s mark of R3. He is going in to the cage for some revenge for his fans and his gym.

His opponent will be Sugiyama. Sugiyama is on the other side of that pendulum with a 2 win winning streak and is l;ooking to extend that to a 3 win streak. Sugiyama fights out of Turning Point MMA located in Chikusei, Ibaraki, Japan. That dojo has several up and coming fighters as well. Sugiyama’s record puts him on top of the heap. His time in the ring / cage will be an advantage for him. He had been fighting since 2002 and will bring all that knowledge and experience into the cage with him. You will not want to miss this fight.

If you are in Japan, tickets are on sale for Pancrase 308. Please contact them directly for information and prices. If you are outside of Japan, you can catch all the action brought to you on UFC Fightpass.

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