Pancrase 310 on November 10th

The Summer in Japan was brutal. Walk outside and you are immediately dripping with sweat. But no matter how hot it is outside the Dojos in Japan are hotter and pumping out raw and pure JMMA talent. Even though we are heading into Winter, JMMA and Pancrase does not slow down. Today we get an early glimpse at the fights that are already on the card for Pancrase 310. One again the long held, and long lasting promotion is setting up an amazing event that will thrill even the veteran fans as well as the ever growing list of new fans.


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Pancrase 310 Card:

★ Featherweight / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
Hanzo Tanaka   12 wins 7 losses vs. Konbaouji 12 wins 9 losses

★ Strawweight class / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
Hiroaki Ijima 12 wins, 12 losses vs. Adam Antolin 14 wins, 5 losses

★ Strawweight class / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
Ryo Hatta   12 wins and 5 losses vs. Tatsuya So 17 wins and 17 Losses

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