Pancrase 308 on Sept 29th

As Summer turns into Fall here in Japan we are getting into some prime JMMA territory as we head for the huge end of the year events. Coming up on the 29th of September, we have Pancrase 308 taking place at the palatial Studio Coast in Shin Kiba Japan. Once again you fans that listen to the English broadcast on UFC Fightpass will be listening to the sounds of Stewart Fulton and Guy Delumeau calling all the actions.

The card for Pancrase 308 has been released and it looks exciting. For the main event, you have 2 killers stepping into the cage.  You have Salimkhan Sadulloev 7-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) Vs Yusuke Kasuya 10-5-2 (Win-Loss-Draw) fighting for the Interim Lightweight King Of Pancrase title. The current Lightweight King of Pancrase is still Takasuke Kume 22-6-3 (Win-Loss-Draw), who is doing a stint with One Championship at the moment.

This is one that you do not want to miss.





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