Quintet Fight Night 4 Announced

As you can see in the title, we announced today that Akita Prefectural Government has held the Akita Newaza Festival 2019 in commemoration of the appointment of Akashi Prefecture Sports Ambassador.

The reason why the Akita Newaza Festival 2019 was decided is that Kazushi Sakuraba, one of Quintet’s producers, was asked to accept the appointment of a sports ambassador for Akita Prefecture in June. It was decided that the event will be held in Akita with the cooperation of the Akita Prefectural Government.

At the Akita Newaza Festival 2019, the QUINTET FIGHT NIHGT4 will be held in the Akita City Cultural Center on November 30, and on December 1, with the cooperation of the Akita Sports Association and the Akita Wrestling Association at the Akita Science Sports Center. There will be a variety of events, such as seminars on the strengthening of skills for top athletes of junior and senior high school students, as well as Jiu-Jitsu experience seminars for kids and the general public by the Japan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

In addition, the 11/30 QUINTET FIGHT NIHGT4 pre-sale ticket will be released tomorrow, September 19th (Thursday) from 10:00. This tournament will be held in the lightweight category with a total weight of 360kg. Participating players are being selected at this time. More information will come as we receive it!



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Jeremy Deschner
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