Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol predicts a non-stop action in Jakarta

Priscilla Hertati “Thathie” Lumban Gaol knows what’s in store for her at ONE: DAWN OF VALOR on October 25 when she faces Bozhena “Toto” Antoniyar at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Her opponent, Antoniyar is a former two-time Myanmar National Boxing Champion. She made her presence known in her debut match after scoring the fastest knockout in the women’s atomweight division, a 24-second destruction of Shwe Sin. 

Lumban Gaol, however, remains unfazed by her opponent’s growing reputation. She remains confident of victory ahead of her next bout.

“Bozhena Antoniyar is an amazing striker,” Lumban Gaol said.

“She has represented her country internationally, and that is no small feat. Her greatest strength lies in her punches; after all, she is a world-class boxer. Bozhena’s knockout win during her debut match is something to be wary of, but my training camp has prepared me for anything she will throw my way.”

The rising Indonesian star trusts her wushu skills in a striking match, but she knows she can’t be complacent against her foe.

“I need to watch out for her striking,” Lumban Gaol said.

“I cannot relax even for a split second because she can drop me at any point. My Wushu is very reliable, and I believe that I can hold my own, so she also needs to watch out. I am also working on my other skills, so I will have options in every situation to get the win.”

Lumban Gaol predicts the match will be full of action from the opening bell. She is keen on going in hot as she wants to give a performance that would make her compatriots proud.

“We are both strikers so that we will give an exciting match,” Lumban Gaol concluded.

“My wushu versus her boxing, who will win? I rather not say and let my performance speak for itself. The match may be a stand-up, but I am not afraid to take her down. I believe that I can dominate her on the ground. No matter what happens, I will give my all for my fellow Indonesians watching me that night.”

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