Rudy Agustian Will Come Back Stronger Than Ever

Indonesian Flyweight Champion Rudy “The Golden Boy” Agustian is hoping to restore glory at ONE: DAWN OF VALOR when he goes toe-to-toe with multiple-time Indonesia Bantamweight Champion Abro ‘The Black Komodo” Fernandes tonight, 25 October at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Agustian is coming off a second-round TKO loss to Chan Rothana at ONE: FOR HONOR. “The Golden Boy” was looking good with his take-downs and ground control in the first round before Rothana created some distance in the second round. He avoided several takedown attempts, but later on ended the bout unable to answer strikes from Rothana.

“I think because I wasn’t able to prepare very well last time, my stamina wasn’t where it was supposed to be,” Agustian said.

“I lacked the energy I needed to sustain my style in the fight. I also need to focus on improving my striking more. I’m always working towards becoming a complete fighter.”

“I didn’t have a good training camp for that one, so I came in unprepared for the fight. But this time, it’s different. The Golden Boy will come back stronger than ever. I’m a hundred percent focused on this match, and my training camp has gone well,” he added.

“The Black Komodo” started his professional career with a seven-bout winning streak, five of which ended in the first round. He was undefeated for two years with an 82% finishing rate. He is a dominant athlete who was on the path to greatness, but suffered the same fate as Rothana last year. 

“Fernandes is strong and powerful, but I think he lacks stamina and ground control,” Agustian said. “He also doesn’t have much variation in his striking. I’m looking to exploit these weaknesses.”

After reviewing his and his opponent’s weaknesses, Agustian and his camp have made the best strategy heading into this bout which will hopefully lead him to redemption.

“Fans can expect a lot of improvement from my end, in every aspect,” Agustian concluded.

“I want to showcase my new skills for the audience. Of course, I want to win this next match, spectacularly, if possible. I’m always looking to finish my fights. But above all, I want to make the fans happy. They came to see a show, so I want to give them one.”

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