Quintet Fight Night 4 Results





Round 1:

Carpe Diem x K-Top Team

  1. Tomoyuki Hashimoto gets a draw with Inseong Jang

  2. Sotoro Yamada Beats Young Seung Cho by Kneebar

  3. Sotoro Yamada Beats Gyeongseop Lee by RNC

  4. Sotoro Yamada gets a draw with Jun Young Cho

  5. Wanki Chae gets a draw with Masahiro Iwasaki

Round 2:

Sakuraba Team x Paraestra Team

  1. Shutaro Debana Beats Ayumi Shioda by Armbar

  2. Shutaro Debana gets a draw with Kohei Yasumi

  3. Yoichi Fukumoto gets a draw with Yusuke Honma

  4. Shoki Higuchi Beats Yuji Hoshino by Armbar

  5. Shoki Higuchi gets a draw with K Suzuki

  6. Daisuke Nakamura Beats Yutaka Saito by Kneebar

The Final Round:

  1. Tomoshige Sera Beats Kazuhiro Suzuki by Armbar

  2. Tomoshige Sera Beats Shutaro Debana by Kneebar

  3. Tomoshige Sera gets a draw with Yuji Hoshino

  4. Yukinari Tamura gets a draw with Daisuke Nakamura

  5. Sotaro Yamada Beats Yoichi Fukumoto by Straight ankle lock


– Rida Haisam Beats Kyle Chambers by decision


In addition to the normal Quintet rule set, Sakuraba came up with a new rule set known as the Iron Man Matches. In an Iron Man Match, the competitors try to get as many grappling submissions (Taps) as they can in the given amount of time. The one with the most submissions at the end of the match is declared the winner. This proved to be a big hit with the promotion’s fans and athletes.


Results of the first Iron Man Matches:

Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa 1 – 0 Hideo Tokoro
Kazushi Sakaraba 2 – 1 Takanori Gomi

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