Honorio Banario Looking Forward to a Redeeming 2020

Honorio “The Rock” Banario is not satisfied with his performances in 2019.

Since his professional debut in February 2010, Banario holds a record of 14-10. His resume has shown his ability to bounce back from losing streaks, which is why he promises to redeem himself in 2020.

“I am honestly a bit disappointed how my 2019 turned out,” Banario said.

“It was not my year as I have lost all my matches. My fellow athletes who I shared the ring with this year were truly amazing and on another level. I prepared and did my best in each and every outing but the results show that it was not enough.”

Banario’s first setback of the year was against Hawaii’s Lowen Tynanes, who quickly ended their bout in the ONE Lightweight World Grand Prix Quarter-Finals. 

Next, Banario stepped up to the plate once more in August to face South Korea’s “Crazy Dog” Dae Sung Park, only to fall short on the judges’ scorecards. 

In his most recent match at ONE Championship’s grandest event to date, Shinya Aoki was quick to submit Banario at ONE: CENTURY in Japan.

As frustrating and discouraging these losses have been, Banario believes he is mature enough to move on in hopes of starting another winning streak.

“It’s tough losing those matches one after the other,” Banario said.

“As a former world champion, I know that I am capable of doing more. I know that I can be better and become a champion again. Right now I’m taking a step back and trying to look at the bigger picture of my entire career, there is always something that I can improve on and I will keep on working on those for me to win my next bouts.”

Aside from being active inside the ONE Circle, Banario also got married and became a father this year, which has become a source of inspiration for him to become a better athlete. 

With the last event of ONE for the year already in the books, Banario is also closing out 2019 and preparing for the new year where he promises better results.

“I am thankful for 2019 and I am ready to welcome 2020,” Banario concluded.

“I’m sorry for disappointing everyone and I can guarantee you all that I am already working on my shortcomings. I am tired of losing so I will push myself harder to have the opposite results next year. I have new sources of motivation in my wife and son so expect a new better Honorio Banario for 2020.”

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