9.10 Additional matches decided!

-Farmer and fighter Hiroyuki Tezuka, starring ABEMA “Koi Ste” series, Nagisa Arii

In addition, there will be a “Contract with ONE if you win” match! ~


ONE Championship Co., Ltd.  announced four additional fights for “Road to ONE:3rd TOKYO FIGHT NIGHT” to be held on September 10th (Thursday). This event will be held in Shibuya O-east, Tokyo, and will be delivered exclusively at ABEMA.


In addition to the already announced two mixed martial arts matches, two additional mixed martial arts rules and one match for the Muay Thai rule and one kickboxing rule will be added for a total of six fights. The match card is as follows.


■ Mixed Martial Arts/Welterweight

Hiroyuki Tezuka (Hybrid Wrestling Yamada Dojo vs. Gunter Karunda (Congo/Tapout Academy)


■ Mixed Martial Arts / Bantam Weight

Masakazu Imanari (Imasari Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Yuta Nezu (&MOSH)


■ For Muay Thai / Strawweight / Chaoyang, ONE Championship contract negotiation right acquisition game

Chaoyang PK Sencentime Gym (Aiwa Sports Gym) vs KING Kousuke (team fightbull)



Arii Nagisa (OWS/Oikawa Dojo) vs. Naoya Kuroda (Hiroshima Kickboxing Gym)

The additional 4 matches are a matchup full of cool facts.

Hiroyuki “Last Samurai”  Tezuka, who continues to take on the challenge of martial arts while helping his parents’ farm, returns to the ring for the first time in about 11 months since ONE: CENTURY was held last October. His opponent will Panama’s Gunter “The Beast” Calunda.


Arai Nagisa, who has become popular as “Shoa” by appearing in the love reality show “Koisuru Weekend Homestay Season 7” distributed on “ABEMA”, and “Koisuru Weekend Homestay 2020 Summer” also distributed on “ABEMA Video”.  She also appeared in the special program called  “LAST TEEN”.  Arai Nagisa, is now gaining widespread popularity among high school girls in Japan. Naoya Kuroda, who will be competing against Arai Nagisa, has a lot of ring experience. This will be her 10th fight and her ring experience may give her an advantage over Arai Nagisa.


in addition, Masakazu Imanari, a legend in the Jiu-Jitsu world who has shown a sensational win in the ONE championship, will fight for the first time since the ONE event in February last year. He will face Yuta Nezu in a Featherweight Championship match. In the Muay Thai rule match, 19-year-old talent, Chaoyang, will face former REBELS champion “Baku Arms Big Daddy” KING Kousuke. Each fighter has a chance for a bonus. The winner will get the right to negotiate a contract with ONE.


Some words from the fighters:


Hiroyuki Tezuka:

I am very pleased to be able to play the match after a long time. The opponent is the king of Africa, but I win with KO and make an impact. Which is the real beast! ? I am looking forward to it!


Gunter Calunda:

Hello to everyone in Japan. I am Gunter from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a champion in the South African EFC and I am participating in the ONE Warrior series. I usually only practice with my brothers, so I came to Japan in search of a better life and practice environment. I am fortunate to be able to have a match in Japan. The opponent is Pancrase champion Tezuka. He seems to be called the Beast, but who is the real Beast? I am the one who has beaten Beasts and others in Africa. I’ll let you know who the real Beast is, so please take a look, Japan.


Masakazu Imanari:

Care for your health and I will win with an extreme move.


Yuta Nezu:

Thank you for your offer in a difficult situation due to Corona! I’ve never thought I’d do it, but I think it’s something to prove this time. I hope we can have a good fight that will be tomorrow’s inspiration for the people watching!


Chaoyang/PK Senchieime Thai Gym:

I am happy to be able to participate in such a competition again. Road to ONE, which I fought in last time, I also won a good match with a KO. I am looking forward to a fight that exceeds the last one, so please look forward to it. Please provide some support.

KING Kousuke:

I will get a victory.

Arii Nagisa:

I’m really excited to have a big match at this time.

My opponent is strong, but I only play my match to win!


Naoya Kuroda:

I had the opportunity to participate in the ONE Championship competition. I will definitely win.


<< “Road to ONE: 3rd TOKYO FIGHT NIGHT” Match Card >>
September 10 (Thursday) | Tokyo Shibuya

Main Event / Mixed Martial Arts / Lightweight One Match
Shinya Aoki (Former ONE Lightweight World Champion)
vs Koyo Eto

Semi-Main Event / Mixed Martial Arts / Straw Weight
Yosuke Saruta (Former ONE straw class world champion)
vs Sadataka Naito (former ONE straw world champion)

4th Match / Mixed Martial Arts / Welter Weight

Hiroyuki Tezuka

vs Gunter Karunda


Third Match / Mixed Martial Arts / Bantamweight

Masakazu Imanari

vs Yuta Nezu


Second match / Muay Thai / Strawweight

Chaoyang PK. Senchieim Thai Gym

vs KING Kousuke


First match/kickboxing/strawweight

Arii Nagisa

vs Naoya Kuroda

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