Pancrase 318 Without Audience, Temporary Weight Class Amendments

It has been a tumultuous time for MMA in Japan as the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all aspects of the sport. With the safety of athletes, teams, staff and audience being absolutely paramount, Pancrase 317 was cancelled the moment a fighter tested positive for the deadly virus. Consequently, the organization has declared that Pancrase 318 will be their first audience free event.

In addition to a battery of Covid-19 testing, in and out of competition, Pancrase have taken a unique step to help overcome the situation. All weight classes for Pancrase 318 have been temporarily adjusted to one weight class/ division higher. Furthermore, weigh-ins will be performed on the day of the fight with no 1lb over grace given. This rule will be in place for all matches, from the Lightweight Interim Championship title bout down to the opening match of the day, fighters must hit the mark or be under. A fighter over their weight class will be given a 2nd chance, with a 1 hour leeway to make weight, this will constitute the very last opportunity for the athlete.

Temporary weight classes for all bouts are as follows:

Middleweight: 83.9kg – 93.0kg
Welterweight: 77.1kg – 83.9kg
Lightweight: 70.3kg – 77.1kg
Featherweight 65.8kg – 70.3kg
Bantamweight: 61.2kg – 65.8kg
Flyweight: 56.7kg – 61.2kg
Strawweight: 52.2kg – 56.7kg
Atomweight: 47.6kg – 52.2kg

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