Feb. 25 (Sun) PANCRASE BLOOD.2

Feb. 25 (Sun) PANCRASE BLOOD.2
Shinagawa Intercity Hall Information
Information on the day of the event

We would appreciate it if you could publish this information in your media.

Same-day tickets will be sold from 13:30. All seats include a pamphlet.
B seats (2nd row): ¥9,000- Non-reserved seats (3rd row and above/standing if seats are full): ¥8,000-
Preschool children are free if they are seated on their knees.
One drink is required (600 yen including tax).

Video streaming: Japanese version 14:00- Commentary: Yuki Nakai https://twitter.com/yuki_nakai1970

U-NEXT distribution site] https://video.unext.jp/genre/martial

PANCRASE YouTube channel ( pancrase_mma ) Membership registration
Broadcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ENxhP3eiSmkLUa3aax7AA
Fee: 1,790 yen per month (tax included)
The amount of money will be given to the fighters through the “Super Chat” function on Youtube!

Schedule for the day Schedule
13:30 Tickets on sale on the day of the event / Fan Club members have priority to enter the seats
13:40- General admission Doors open
14:00- First match begins
19:00- All matches end All games end (depending on the progress of the games)

Goods for sale
Two Pancrase stickers for 500 yen! Various other goods such as T-shirts, CAPs, etc. are also available. http://www.pancrase-store.com/

Food & Beverage Sales Curry, Kebab, Chicken, and various drinks will be on sale at the lobby.

FC Pancrase Fan Club/HYBRID CLUB membership wanted! Original goods will be given to the members.
Customers who join the fan club at the venue on the day of the event will receive an original logo T-shirt!
The membership fee is 7,500 yen and valid until December 31, 2025!
Invitation to one of the four annual tournaments with a ticket stub! If you are not a member yet, please take advantage of this opportunity!

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