Bloodsport Bushido

In addition to the previously announced Josh Barnett and Minoru Suzuki, the following wrestlers have been confirmed to participate in “Bloodsport Bushido,” a professional wrestling event organized by Josh Barnett, on Saturday, June 22 at Ryogoku Kokugikan.


From Japan, Seikatsu Funaki and Kazushi Sakuraba will participate in the tournament.


Funaki and Josh fought last year at the NOAH Osaka event in September 2023. This match was held under the GHC Martial Arts Rules (no pinfall, only knockout or give-up), and the two fighters engaged in a heated exchange of blows and joint techniques.


Sakuraba and Josh have been competing in “QUINTET,” a grappling (kumite) event produced by Josh Sakuraba, and this time, Sakuraba will be competing in “Bloodsport Bushido,” which is Josh’s organization.


From overseas, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Davito Mozimanashvili, and Mike O’Hearn will be competing.


Jackson, a former PRIDE and UFC light heavyweight champion, is a fighter who has made MMA history. We look forward to seeing how he fares on the “Bloodsport Bushido” stage.


Smith Jr., whose father is Davey Boy Smith, has competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling, NOAH, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. He has won both the IWGP Tag Team and GHC Tag Team titles with his tag team “K-E-S” with Lance Archer.


Mozimanashabili is a Georgian fighter who has won the World and European Championships in the 120kg wrestling freestyle weight class, placing third.

O’Hearn comes from a background as an internationally popular bodybuilder.


We will update you with more information on the other contestants and the fight card as they become available.


In addition, the event will be available through Rakuten Ticket ( from 12:00 noon on March 29 (Fri.).


Please stay tuned for more “Bloodsport Bushido” by Josh Barnett!



▼▼▼▼▼ “Bloodsport Bushido” Tournament Outline ▼▼▼▼▼

Bloodsport Bushido” will be held on June 6, 2024.

June 22, 2024 (Sat.) 16:00 Concert starts/opening time to be determined

Venue] Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo

Josh Barnett, Minoru Suzuki, Seikatsu Funaki, Kazushi Sakuraba, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Ticket pre-sale date: Friday, March 29, 2024 (12:00 noon)

Ticket sales】 Rakuten Ticket


Ticket prices

VIP (S seats, includes after-party and limited-edition merchandise) 125,000 yen

S seats 25,000 yen

A seats 18,000 yen

B seats 8,800 yen

Box seats (up to 5 people) 50,000 yen

Box seats (up to 4 people) 40,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 4 people) 44,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 3 people) 33,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 2 people) 22,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 1 person) 11,000 yen

All ticket prices include tax.

Preschool children are free of charge if they are seated on their knees.

VIPs will be able to watch the game in S seats and attend the after-party after the game with limited-edition goods (not for sale).

Players are scheduled to attend the after-party.

Box seats are located at the table behind the mass seats (1F)

Box Seats will be located at the table behind the mass seating (1F).


For ticket inquiries, please contact

Organized by Bloodsport Bushido Secretariat


Video trailer of the contestants

Bloodsport Bushido YouTube channel (official)


Official Website]

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