Refund Information for Shooto 3/23

3/23 Professional Shooto official match “epsomsalt seacrystals Presents Infinity League 2024 Flyweight” official match held at Korakuen Hall, Masahiro Katayama (TRIBE TOKYO MMA) vs. Yo Otake (HAGANE GYM) Katayama Although he was unable to clear his contracted weight of 56.7kg, Otake accepted the fight, and Katayama’s final weigh-in weight of 57.25kg was set as his new contracted weight.
Also, yesterday, the International Shooto Commission announced that Katayama will be suspended for 90 days and suspended for 365 days in the flyweight division (56.7kg) due to repeated overweight.
As a result, Katayama will not be able to participate in this league match, and an Infinity League will be held with four players excluding Katayama: Yakuru Shingo, Ryoga, Yo Otake, and Kodai Sudo. Each player will be awarded 3 points.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the fans who were looking forward to the league match, as well as to all the companies involved.
We appreciate your support for the athletes participating in “epsomsalt seacrystals Presents Infinity League 2024 Flyweight.”
◎3.23 Pro Shooto Korakuen Hall Tournament ticket refund information
3/23 We would like to inform you about the ticket refund method for the “Professional Shooto Official Match/PROFESSIONAL SHOOTO 2024 Vol.3” Korakuen Hall tournament sponsored by our company.
Tickets must be returned in order to be refunded. Only tickets with uncut stubs will be valid.
Please note that refund methods vary depending on the site you purchased from.
Please note that tickets purchased from players participating in this tournament or their gyms cannot be refunded.
Sustain Co., Ltd.
□Customers who purchased Shooto BACE online
Please return your tickets by “registered mail,” “courier service,” or “specified registered mail.” If we cannot confirm that the ticket has been returned, we will not be able to process the refund to your account.
In addition to your ticket, please also send us a memo with all of your desired refund information listed below.
<Return address>
142-0051 PINE APARTMENT 1F, 3-14-9 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Sustain Co., Ltd. 3.23 To Ticket Section
〈Requested refund destination information〉
1. Name of the customer who made the purchase
2. Address of the purchaser
2. Phone number of the customer who made the purchase
3. Number of returned tickets and total amount
4. Purchased tickets
5. Details of the bank account for the refund
・Financial institution name (bank, credit union, credit union)
・Branch name (regular/current)
·account number
・Account name (kana)
*If you wish to make a Japan Post Bank transfer, please specify the Japan Post Bank branch number.
A memo is fine. Please enclose your ticket with your customer information.
Please note that you will not be able to receive a refund unless the above information is complete.
Applications must be received by April 10th (Wednesday).
Please note that we will not be able to accept any items received after the reception period for any reason.
It will take approximately 1 month to 1 and a half months from the time the ticket is returned for the refund to be made.
□ Refund methods for customers who purchased through e-plus vary depending on the method of receiving the ticket and payment method.
◇Refund period
March 28th (Thursday) 10:00 to April 10th (Wednesday) 23:59 *Refunds cannot be made after the deadline.

■For those who have already issued a ticket at a convenience store <Refund method details>
■If you have not yet issued your ticket at a convenience store, please apply from [Application History (Application Status Inquiry)] within the refund deadline.
<Application history (Application status inquiry)>

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