May 25 (Sat) PANCRASE 343

May 25 (Sat) PANCRASE 343

New Pier Hall
4 main card fights + 4 prelims are scheduled!


★ Featherweight / 5min 3R ★ Featherweight/3R x 5M ★
#2 #3 THE OUTSIDER 70-65kg Champion
Naoki Hirata vs.
Naoki Hirata Ryo Asami
(Triforce Jiu-Jitsu Academy) (Grand Slam/RINGS)

7-2, 5-4
Will Hirata, who has not lost since joining Pancrase, finally get the right to challenge for the title? Or will Miracle Ryo get the ticket?
Or will Miracle Ryo take his ticket?

Flyweight / 5’3R ★ Flyweight/3R x 5M

Fighting NEXUS champion
Yudai “Cat” Hamamoto vs.
Joseph Cama
Yuta “Cat” Hamamoto Joseph Camacho
(Crosspoint Oizumi) (Spike22)
5-4 6-2
This was Cat Hamamoto’s first appearance in the tournament! Can the former champion show his skills against Guam’s Joseph Camacho?

★ #Light weight/5’3″ ★ #Light weight/3R x 5M ★
#4 #8

Kazuki Kasai vs.
Kazuki Kasai Kazuma Maruyama
(Mach Dojo) (Tri.H studio)

10-3 Loss: 9-4 Loss

The action for the Pancrase Lightweight belt is chaotic, and one loss can change the complexion of the belt. All
How will the two all-rounders match up?

★ #Bantamweight / 5min 3R ★ #Bantamweight/3R x 5M★

Daiki Gojima vs.
Daiki Gojima Touya Ohara
10-9-2, 4-1

Gojima moves to roots led by Lumina Sato, and after 6 years, Gojima is back to his real name.
Obara will return to his real name and aim to make the top ranks!


Featherweight / 5min 3R ★ #3 Featherweight/3R x 5M
Yasutaka Kato vs.
STYLE) (Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS)
5-4, 1 loss
★ #2 Bantamweight / 5min 3R ★ #2 Bantamweight / 3R/5M ★
Kaneaki Watanabe vs.
Kaneaki Watanabe Daishin Nakamura
(Palaestra Tokyo) (Battle-Box)
7-12, 1 loss
★ #1 Flyweight / 5’3R ★ #1 Flyweight/3R x 5M
Sodai Mitobe vs.
Sodai Mitobe Takehito Nishizuka
(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) (Paraestra Hachinohe)


2 wins, 1 loss, 2 draws
The 30th Neo Blood Tournament 5M3R
★ Bout 12: Lightweight Final / 5’3R ★ #9 Lightweight/3R x 5M ★
Naoto Harada vs.
Naoto Harada Yuto Suzuki
(Cobra Kai) (Palaestra Hachioji)
1 win 3 wins

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★ #11 Strawweight Final / 5’3R ★ #8 Strawweight/3R x 5M ★
Syuya Oribe vs.
Syuya Oribe Kanji Funada
(CAVE) (Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS)
2-1-1 1 win
Featherweight Semifinal 2 bouts
Junya Sawaki
9. Takashi Mochizuki
Masaya Ishizuka
Bantamweight 4 bouts
8) Reiomi Yamaguchi
Masashi Miyashita
7) Narihaki Miyagi
Yuki Teramoto
6) Seiji Shirai
Noriyoshi Umehara
5) Daiki Arata
Medo Ganjo
Fat Flyweight Semifinal 1
4 Chudai Kishida
Shinjin Kanazawa
Date & Time: May 25 (Sat.) PANCRASE 343 Open/Start at 14:00 (TBA)
Venue: Newpia Hall /
Access: JR Line / Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Sta. 7 min. walk from North Exit.
1 min. walk from Takeshiba Sta. of Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Yurikamome Line
Address: 1-11-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission (all seats with pamphlet): S seats 20,000 yen, A seats 13,000 yen, Non-reserved seats 9,000 yen (standing if seats are full)
Standing room only if seats are full)
Preschool children are free if they are seated on their knees.
Ticket sales date: April 20 (Sat)
Ticket Sales: Pancrase Store

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