◎5.19 Pro Shooto/New Pier Hall day/night tournament information
The biggest special edition of the first half!
A large number of fighters from China’s largest martial arts organization “YFU Wulin Zhongzhong” come to Japan!
A 7-on-7 all-out competition between Japan and China has been decided!
Continuing from last year, the Pro Shooto New Pier Hall tournament in May will be held as a special edition. In the first part of the day and night program, this year’s number series “PROFESSIONAL SHOOTO 2024 Vol.4” will be held. We are planning a survival match between the top rankers of each class, centered around the championship.
The second part will be a 7-on-7 Sino-Japanese competition between Shooto and China’s largest martial arts organization, WLF “YFU Wulin Zhongzhong (also known as Y.F.U.)”!
China is making remarkable progress on the MMA stage, producing Asia’s first UFC champion, Zhang Weili. Martial arts have a long history, with descriptions of them dating back to the Han dynasty in BC, and the name of Chinese martial arts is widely known even in Japan. Jiang also comes from the Chinese martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu. A large group of warriors from the largest martial arts organization in this martial arts country, “YFU Wulin Zhongzhong”, have landed in Japan.
On the other hand, seven selected members representing Japan from Shooto will attack the Chinese YUF army! Will current champions and top rankers participate? Or will a surprising player decide to participate? Participating members and matchmaking will be announced at a later date, but two women’s competitions are also scheduled.
Please look forward to the full-scale Japan-China competition between Shooto and YFU Wulin Sachuan 7VS 7 to be held at the 5.19 Tokyo New Pier Hall tournament!
Tickets will go on sale on Sunday, April 14th. A thrilling match card will be lined up both day and night. Please buy your seats early!
◇Tournament overview
[Tournament Name] Professional Shooto Official Match
[Date and time] Sunday, May 19, 2024
[Opening] 12:00
[Start] 12:30 *Opening fight will be held while the venue is open
[Venue] New Pier Hall
New Pier Takeshiba North Tower, 1-11-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
7 minutes walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station
1 minute walk from Yurikamome “Takeshiba Station”
[Cooperation] Japan Shooto Association
[Certification] International Shooto Commission
[Sponsor] Sustain Co., Ltd.
[Ticket price]
VIP 30,000 yen/RS 20,000 yen/SS 15,000 yen/S 10,000 yen
*All seats reserved, all prices include tax.
*Additional 500 yen on the day.
*Tickets are required for elementary school students and above.
[Ticket sales office]
(PC & smartphone)

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