Ganryujima Virtual Fight

Martial arts viewing and spectating experience enters a new era!

Three assassins from abroad are announced
Amadou Dia (Senegalese Sumo)

Michele Berginelli (Fighting football)
Cristian Eskrigu (King of Monster Power)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new project “Ganryujima Virtual Fight“.

Following the first card “Rina Panchan vs. Lucia Apdelgarim”, we are pleased to announce the participation of Amadou Dia (Senegalese Sumo), Michele Berginelli (Fight Football), and Cristian Escrigues (Ganryujima Virtual Fight) will be participating from overseas,
Christian Eskrigu (King of the Monster). Please stay tuned for more matchup card announcements
Please stay tuned for more information. We hope that you will be interested in this event.

Broadcast: Free worldwide distribution on Ganryujima’s official YouTube channel and other channels
Distribution date: Early May 2024 (GW)
Matches: Several super fights under Ganryujima rules

Cristian Escrig
(Monster Power Contest/Spain)
Date of Birth: October 25, 1991
Height: 175 cm, Weight: 140 kg
Achievements: Champion of Spain in the Kaiyoku Contest, Powerlifting
Spanish Powerlifting Champion
The European king of Kaiyoku (strength) comes to Ganryujima for a virtual fight. His martial arts ability is unknown.
but he is said to be so powerful that he can tear off a person’s head.
He is said to be so powerful that he can tear off a man’s head. Is there a fighter in Japan who can stand up to this man?


Ganryujima Virtual Fight
Contestant Profiles

Michele Verginelli Michele Verginelli
(Fighting football/Italy)
Date of birth: February 2, 1973
Height:175cm Weight:85kg
Fighting Football Results:Leads his team to many victories as a captain.
He is a member of the history of Carcio Storico (Fighting Football), an ancient sport in Italy.
He is a living legend of the ancient Italian sport of carte storico (fight football).
His fighting spirit, trained in the dangerous game of fighting football, is truly indomitable.

Marcus Lelo Aurelio
His fight with Marcus Lelo Aurelio (Capoeira) is one of the best bouts in Ganryujima.
one of the best bouts on Ganryujima.
Amadou Dia
(Senegalese Sumo/Senegal)
Date of birth: July 4, 1994
Height: 181 cm, Weight: 90 kg
Senegalese Sumo Record:12 wins and 2 losses
Nick name is Bull Tozer. Senegalese Sumo is a game in which big men beat each other with their bare hands.
Senegalese Sumo. This authentic player is coming to Japan. Who will be the opponent of this monster?
Who will be the opponent of this monster?

Ganryujima Virtual Fight studio open to the public!
Ganryujima is launching a new axis of “Virtual Fighting”. Some of you may have no idea what I am talking about.

So let me give you a brief explanation of this first-of-its-kind experiment.
First of all, the venue was a studio in Tokyo. The entire wall is a green backdrop, and mats are laid out on the ground of the studio.
The mats are laid out on the ground of the studio.

There are no ropes or cages (wire mesh), and the fighters compete on the flat
The fights are held on the flat ground of the green backdrop. However, the actual backdrop on the monitor is the Colosseum in Rome!

The fight looks like something out of a movie. The quality of the images is simply outstanding. Each
The cameras and the wall are linked by GPS, and the background moves per the movements of the players. The way the sponsors are inserted is also very creative.
The backgrounds of the players also move with the movement of the players.

Please take a look at the following video showing the studio. The dreams will expand infinitely.

The martial arts of the future will be created in this studio!

Filming will begin in late April! We are looking forward to your challenge!
This attempt is not a goal, but a beginning. The boundary between the real and virtual worlds will continue to blur.
It is clear that in the coming era, the experience of viewing and watching martial arts will also change. For example,
It will eventually become possible for viewers to enter the arena and experience the excitement of a fight up close and personal.
This initiative is the first step in that direction. This initiative is a memorable first step in this direction.

Ganryujima has taken on a challenge that sets it apart from others in the martial arts industry.
Ganryujima’s mission is to open the door to the next era of martial arts entertainment.

We hope that you will join us in this challenge to expand the possibilities of martial arts entertainment and that together we can see a new world that has yet to be seen.

Event Outline
Event Name Ganryujima Virtual Fight
Date: Scheduled to be broadcast in early May 2024
Venue: A location in Tokyo (no public viewing)
Organizers: Ganryujima Executive Committee/K-LEAGUE Co.
Contestants Rina Paunchan / Lucia Apdelgarim, etc.
Format: Superfight according to Ganryujima rules, etc.
Broadcast: Free of charge worldwide on Ganryujima’s official YouTube channel, etc.

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