The main event will be Josh Barnett vs. John Moxley! Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport Bushido” will be held on June 22 (Sat) in Ryogoku, Japan.

The main event of the event will be Josh Barnett vs. Josh and Moxley previously fought at “Bloodsport.6” in April 2021, with Josh winning the match. This will be the first rematch between the two fighters at the first Japanese event. At the press conference, Josh said of the Moxley fight, “The last time we fought, we were both covered in blood, and I managed to win. I know that Moxley has a heart that will never give up. It won’t be easy to beat him, but I want to show him a fight worthy of the main event of Bloodsport Bushido,” he said.


Five one-match fights have been set: Minoru Suzuki vs. Timothy Thatcher, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Hideki “Shrek” Sekine, Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Santino Marella, Seikatsu Funaki vs.

In addition, Mitsuru Sato, Hideki Suzuki, Takuya Nomura, and Todd Duffy will compete in a one-day tournament with four competitors.


Tickets for the tournament will go on sale on April 19 (Fri.) at 12:00 noon through Rakuten Ticket (


6.22 “Bloodsport Bushido” Match Card for Ryogoku Tournament

Opening Match: Masaru Iizuka vs Fuminori Abe

Tournament First Round/1st Match] Mitsuru Sato vs.

Tournament 1st round/2nd match] Takuya Nomura vs.

The winner of the first round match vs. the winner of the second round match

The winner of the first round match vs. the winner of the second round match

Eric Hammer vs.

One Match] Seikatsu Funaki vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

One-Match] Kazushi Sakuraba vs.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs.

One-match] Minoru Suzuki vs.

Josh Barnett vs.


Davito Mozimanashabili will not be participating.

Please note that the competitors and the fight card are subject to change.


▼▼▼▼▼ “Bloodsport Bushido” Tournament Outline ▼▼▼▼▼

Bloodsport Bushido” will be held on June 6, 2024.

June 22, 2024 (Saturday), 16:00 start/opening time to be determined

Venue] Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo

Tickets on sale】 April 19, 2024 (Fri.) 12:00 noon –

Ticket sales】 Rakuten Ticket


Ticket prices

VIP (S seats, includes after-party and limited-edition merchandise) 125,000 yen

S seats 25,000 yen

A seats 18,000 yen

B seats 8,800 yen

Box seats (up to 5 people) 50,000 yen

Box seats (up to 4 people) 40,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 4 people) 44,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 3 people) 33,000 yen

Mass seats (up to 2 people) 22,000 yen

Mass Seats (up to 1 person) 11,000 yen <Sold out

All ticket prices include tax.

Preschool children are free of charge only if they are seated on their knees.

*VIPs can attend the after-party after the game (participating players are scheduled to attend) / Includes limited-edition goods (not for sale)

Please purchase tickets in units of squares for “Mass Seats” and in units of boxes for “Box Seats”. (Box Seats” are available for up to the number of people in parentheses ( ).

Box Seats are table seats (1F) behind the mass seats.


For ticket inquiries, please contact

Organized by Bloodsport Bushido Secretariat


Official website]

Official YouTube]

Official X】

Official Facebook 】

Official Instagram】


Stay tuned for more “Bloodsport Bushido” by Josh Barnett!


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