RIZIN.47 Event Outline

Date and time: June 9, 2024 (Sun.) Doors open at 12:30 p.m. (tentative) Start at 14:00 p.m. (tentative)
The opening and start times are tentative. The opening and starting times are tentative and will be announced on the RIZIN FF official website as soon as they are determined.
Scheduled end time / around 20:00 – 21:00


Please note that the scheduled end time may change depending on the content of the matches and the progress of the event.
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium
Supported by Yogibo
Production Cooperation/M-up Holdings Inc.
Ticket Price
VVIP seats 275,000 yen (with privilege, 1st row), VIP seats 110,000 yen (with privilege)
SRS seats 33,000 yen, S seats 22,000 yen, A seats 11,000 yen All seats reserved, tax included
PPV Information
Scheduled to be streamed on the following platforms (
To be announced as soon as it is determined)

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  • Additional Fight Card
    Kazuki Tokudome vs. Masashi Patrick Usami
    RIZIN MMA Rules: 5 min. 3R (71.0kg)

Name: Kazuki Tokudome, Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan, Date of birth: March 4, 1987
Height: 180cm, Weight: 71.0kg, Affiliation: Paraestra Hachioji


He started judo in junior high school and competed in national tournaments in high school. He started wrestling at the Kiguchi Dojo and began MMA training at age 20 after seconding Takanori Gomi in the PRIDE Lightweight GP finals on New Year’s Eve 2005. In September 2010, he challenged for the KSW lightweight tournament, but lost his first match. 11 years later, after two consecutive first-round TKO victories in PANCRASE, he competed in the lightweight GP, losing to ISAO in the final and finishing as the runner-up. After two consecutive wins in PANCRASE, he made his UFC debut in March 2013. After two consecutive wins in PANCRASE, he won the lightweight title with a 4R KO victory over Satoru Kitaoka in November 2003, and fought Takasuke Kume for the title twice in 2004 and 2005, but failed to defend or regain the title due to TKO losses. In his RIZIN debut in March 2009, he was defeated by Jobert “Satoshi” Souza by a triangle choke. He returns to the RIZIN ring this time after an absence of more than three years. Will he be able to use his cunning MMA to take on the hard-hitting Patrick?

Name: Patrick Sho Patrick Usami, Place of birth: Osaka, Japan,
Date of Birth: May 8, 2000, Height: 180 cm (5’10”), Reach: 180 cm (71 inc.), Weight: 71.0 kg (55 lb.)
Affiliation: Battle-Box

He started karate at the age of 5 and won many titles before turning to boxing. In junior high school, he won the U15 All-Japan tournament twice in a row, and in high school, he won the National Athletic Meet, the Inter-High School Championships, and the National Championships twice, winning six high school titles. After losing in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympic trials, he turned to MMA when he entered the “Fighter Battle Audition,” an audition sponsored by LDH. In April 2010, he suffered his first black star in MMA when he was taken down by Nobumitsu Daizon and lost a decision. In his first appearance in RIZIN in October 2010, he was troubled by veteran Shinji Sasaki’s combination power, but he landed a straight right hand in the last round for a TKO victory in his return bout. On New Year’s Eve, he knocked out Baynor, a fellow Kyokushin Karate fighter, with a left hook early in the first round, and just when it looked like he was on the fast track with his explosive striking, he lost to Kim Kyung-pyo in April 2011. In September, he lost a first-round decision to former K-1 champion Ruteruya Anbo. He will put everything he has on the line against the experienced Kazuki Tokudome in an attempt to escape his losing streak.
Kazuki Tokudome Comment
This will be my first fight in three years, but I’ve continued to fight the martial arts I love and I’m aiming for a KO or Ippon win. I will try to win by KO or Ippon. I think it will be a good match, so please look forward to it!
Tadashi Patrick Usami comment
Hello everyone, it’s been a while! It’s been a while, I’m Patrick! I have been training for about 10 months since my loss to Yasuho in September, and I’ve been dying to get better! I believe I have improved in all areas of MMA! I have respect for my opponent and will do everything in my power to defeat him! Please look forward to the new Patrick! He will reach the forefront of the lightweight division as fast as possible, so please support Patrick, Raijin fans!


Spike Carlisle vs. Kim Kyung-pyo
RIZIN MMA Rules: 5 min. 3R (71.0kg)

Name: Spike Carlyle Spike Carlyle, Origin: California, USA,
Date of Birth: May 6, 1993, Height: 172 cm (172 in), Reach: 180 cm (71 in), Weight: 71.0 kg (44.0 lbs)
Affiliation: Kings MMA Anaheim / Training Lab

Kings MMA is a professional MMA organization that has been in existence for over 20 years, and has a history of success in the sport of MMA. In February 2008, he made his UFC debut with a first-round KO victory over Aaron Cruz, but suffered two consecutive losses. In April 2010, he won his first fight at RIZIN with a front choke over Koji Takeda, and he went on a five-fight winning streak with all finishes. However, in October 2010, he suffered a decision loss in his lightweight debut against AJ McKee at Bellator. In May 2011, he lost a non-title bout against lightweight champion Roberto Satoshi Souza, and in September 2011, he dropped a decision against Keigo Horie. In order to climb back up from the precipice, he will be aiming for a comeback by overwhelmingly defeating Kim Kyung-pyo, who has won two straight RIZIN fights. He is also a fan of Japanese culture, and his entrance as a character from a video game or manga is always well received.

Name: Kyung Pyo Kim; Place of birth: Korea; Date of birth: January 29, 1992
Height: 178cm, Reach: 181cm (71inc), Weight: 71.0kg, Affiliation: Redhorse MMA

He started fighting at the age of 19 at the prestigious MMA STORY in Korea, and since his professional debut at ROAD FC in February 2003, he has competed in THE OUTSIDER and MFP in Russia, winning 5 straight fights. After four consecutive wins, including a victory for the HEAT lightweight title in July 2007, he earned a ticket to the ROAD to UFC with one loss in between. In the semifinals of the tournament, he lost a split decision to the undefeated Anshul Jubli from India but showed the physicality and strength of feeling that only a Korean fighter can possess. In April 2011, his first fight in Japan in four years and his first appearance in RIZIN, he used his striking prowess to take the tap with a rear-naked choke from Masashi Patrick Usami, who was on a two-fight winning streak, and in November he pounded out Tural Ragimov in just 21 seconds of the first round away from home in Azerbaijan. An injury forced him to miss a scheduled fight against Yusuke Yaji in February of this year. He will look to prove his solid capabilities with a finish victory over Carlisle, a fighter with experience on the world stage such as the UFC and Bellator, and to put himself within striking distance of the upper echelons of the RIZIN lightweight division.
Spike Carlisle Comments
Konichiwa! Nippon! Watashinoha, Spike desu! I’m Tsuyoi! Hey everyone, long time no see. I’m happy to be back in Japan and will be fighting Kim Kyungpyo on June 9 at RIZIN.47. I will definitely be looking for a finish in this match. I lost both of my last two fights by decision, but this time I’m going for the finish. I can’t wait to meet everyone. I love Japan. I want to meet all my Japanese fans, so please come to the venue!
Kim Kyung-pyo Comment
Hello everyone, I am Kim Kyung-pyo, aka Red Horse, and I will be returning to the tournament in June. I am happy to be back in RIZIN after being out of competition for a while due to injury. I am excited to fight a strong opponent again. As always, I am training to defeat my opponents, so I will fight with all my might in the match and show them that I can win!


Mikio Ueda vs. Shemyslav Kovalchek
RIZIN MMA Rules: 5 min. 3R (120.0kg)

Name: Mikio Ueda, Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan, Date of birth: May 1, 1995
Height: 187cm, Reach: 188cm (74inc), Weight: 105.0kg, Affiliation: BRAVE

He has studied Kyokushin Karate since he was 5 years old, and trained rigorously for about 20 years until he switched to MMA in 2009. While focusing exclusively on karate, he also experienced judo and sumo as a club member for two years from the age of 13. In April 2009, he took up the challenge of Hyakunin Gumite, the biggest Kyokushin karate competition in Japan, where he combines his insatiable desire for strength, beautiful kumite techniques, and graceful step work with his mind, technique, and body. In April 2010, he made his MMA debut with a TKO loss to Tsuyoshi Takasaka at his first RIZIN event, and his MMA debut ended in the black. In his third fight, on New Year’s Eve, he defeated the best heavyweight fighter in Japan, Tsuyoshi Sudario, with a second-round ground punch. This time, Kovalcek, who is 6 cm taller and has a longer reach than himself, will try to prove his Kyokushin strength with long and short range full-contact kicks, and also show his growth on the ground against an opponent who has been a national champion in jiu-jitsu.

Name: Przemyslaw Kowalczyk, born in Poland,
Date of birth: June 28, 1998; Height: 193 cm, Weight: 120 kg,
Affiliation: Koloseum Kuznia Formy Pulawy

A promising newcomer sent from Poland’s big event KSW, KSW’s matchmaker had been thinking of debuting him at KSW in full swing, but in the course of his interaction with RIZIN, the decision was made to have him make his RIZIN debut this time around. He was blessed with a good physique from his childhood, and at the suggestion of his teacher, he took part in track and field for 6 years from the age of 12 in the shot put and handball, both representing his school at national competitions in Poland. He began martial arts training at the age of 18, studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, and muay thai. He has fought 22 amateur MMA bouts, winning 20 (3 by Ippon, 2 by KO) and losing 2, and is a four-time Polish champion. Since making his professional MMA debut in 2011 with the domestic promotion “Babylon MMA 36,” he has used his long reach to mix sharp punches and takedowns in all three of his fights. In all three of his fights, he has used his long reach to mix in sharp punches and takedowns, eventually scoring a first-round TKO victory with a powerful pound-for-pound finish. This time, in his first appearance in RIZIN, he will be taking on Mikio Ueda, who will be looking to renew his undefeated pro record with not only his ground techniques, but also his signature straight left hand and overhand right, and make a name for himself in Japan by hunting down the head of the “Strongest Man in Kyokushin”. He is also the “Strongest Man in Kyokushin”. His nickname is “Kowal,” which is part of his name and means “craftsman” in Polish.
Mikio Ueda Comment
Hello everyone, my name is Mikio Ueda! My opponent is a Polish fighter, but I don’t know his name, but I heard he is a strong Polish fighter. This will be my first MMA match against a foreign fighter, so I would like to make a strong impact with a win here and continue my run to the top for “Against the World”, so please support me! Please support me!
Shemyslav Kovalchek comment
Japan is the birthplace of martial arts. I am very excited to have the opportunity to fight at RIZIN.47. This will be my first fight in a foreign country, and I will do my best to make my name known to the Japanese people. My opponent is a very talented fighter and a strong opponent, but I am also confident in my abilities. I am looking forward to coming to Japan to get my fourth career win.
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What is RIZIN?

The title “RIZIN” is derived from the Japanese word for “thunder god” (ikazuchi), the ancient god of thunder, and the word for “rising” (rising), the rising sun. And by adding the last letter “Z” of the alphabet, which means “final” or “ultimate,” the title expresses our goal and will to “continue to rise and shine on the stage forever.

The “RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX” was held on December 29 and 31, 2015, both days at Saitama Super Arena, the sacred place of martial arts, with a tournament featuring the best fighters from organizations around the world. The event featured a tournament of the best fighters from around the world, fresh fighters making their MMA debuts, veteran fighters putting their will to fight, beautiful fights between women, and the true joy of martial arts.

We have released three arrows into the martial arts world with this tournament as a pioneering event.

First, “Completion”: To create a stage for fighters who are ending their careers with a passion that is appropriate for their final moments.

Breathe” to create a stage where talented and ambitious fighters who will lead the next generation of the martial arts world can fully demonstrate their appeal and make a leap forward.

The “Future” is to form alliances with a worldwide forest of martial arts federations and establish a framework and stage for the best fighters to compete with each other beyond the framework of their respective promotions, while maintaining the unique colors of each organization that reflect the culture and customs of each country.

RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION will create a “stage that will continue to rise and shine forever” with these three basic principles = three arrows.



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