Sunday, July 28th Sumiyoshi Ward Community Center, Osaka City

All 9 matches, including the 2 additional matches, have been decided!


★ Flyweight/3R×5M ★
#5 Bantamweight #9/2023 NBT Champion & MVP
Taiki Akiba vs. Ayumu Kan

Taiki Akiba Ayumu Kan
(Pancrase Osaka Inagaki-gumi) (Uruno Dojo)
11 wins, 14 losses, 1 draw, 4 wins

■ 2023 Neo-Bura Bantamweight Champion & MVP, 22-year-old Kan changes weight classes and faces flyweight powerhouse Akiba
Can Akiba finally get his first win in five years?

★ Featherweight/3R×5M ★

#8 / 2019 NBT Champion of the same weight class
Yohei Nada vs. Shyudi Yamauchi

Yohei Nada Shyudi Yamauchi
13 wins, 9 losses, 2 draws, 20 wins, 11 losses

■ The result of the match between Nada, who is ranked 8th but has lost three consecutive bouts and has no room for error, and Shuji, who is also in a make-or-break situation, is

★ Featherweight/3R×5M ★


Raiki Endo Koji Nakamura
(Power of Dream Sapporo) (Pancrase Osaka Inagaki-gumi)


14 wins, 11 losses, 3 draws, 15 wins, 16 losses, 4 draws, 1 NC

■ Endo has lost three consecutive bouts and is running out of options, but his bout against Ishida on March 31st in Tachikawa was a candidate for best bout. And this match
one month later,
Will Nakamura, who will be 39 years old in a month, be able to return to the rankings?
★ Women’s flyweight / 3R x 5M ★


RAIKA vs. WADA Ayane

RAIKA Ayane Wada
12 wins, 11 losses, 2 draws *debut match

Leika heads west! Will Wada cause an upset in her debut match?
Wada Ayane Born June 5, 1995 160cm From Aichi Prefecture
★ Strawweight/3R×5M ★
#4/2022 NBT Champion of the same weight class 2019 NBT Champion of the same weight class

Yoshiki Uematsu vs. Tatsuki Ozaki

Uematsu Tatsuki Ozaki
(NEVER QUIT) (Cobra Kai)
3 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw 6 wins, 6 losses

■ Uematsu scored a big win despite the split decision in Tachikawa on March 31st. Ozaki, who has returned after a two-year absence, is aiming to
{Preliminary Fight}
Bantamweight, 5 min. 3 rounds *Both fighters are making their debut.
Kai Maeda
Mami Yamaki
Bantamweight, 5 min. 3 rounds
Junpei Chigusa
Kazuhisa Tanaka
◯ Flyweight 5 min. 3 rounds
Kento Imai
Seiya Matsubara (First time competing)

Lightweight 5 min. 3 rounds
Hiroaki Harukawa
Kenshin Murase (debut)
Date: Sunday, July 28th – Doors open (scheduled) 13:30 / Start (scheduled) 13:45
Venue: Nishikishukai Sumiyoshi Community Center, Main Hall
Admission: VIP seats (rows 1 and 2): 15,000 yen – Arena (unreserved seats / rows 3 and beyond): 8,000 yen
*Preschool children are admitted free of charge when seated on their parent’s lap, but will be charged for seats.


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