[RIZIN FF] Yogibo presents Super RIZIN.3 Additional Match Card Announcement

PANCRASE champion Arai vs. grappler Mashima
Clash at Saitama Super Arena!
Announcement of Additional Match Card for Super RIZIN.3

We are pleased to announce that the additional match cards for “Yogibo presents Super RIZIN.3” to be held at Saitama Super Arena on Sunday, July 28, 2024 have been decided.

The newly added match-up is between Suguru Arai, the 10th King of Pancrase, who is currently on a two-match winning streak in RIZIN, and Kazushige Mishima, the third-generation featherweight champion of Rebel FC, who is making his comeback after his defeat in February.

The official RIZIN FF social media channels are currently showing how Susumu Arai, who works as a security guard at a club in Roppongi, Tokyo, and Kazumasa Mashima, who works at a factory in Yamaguchi Prefecture, were told by their respective bosses that they would be participating in Super RIZIN.3. Please be sure to check this out as well.



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Additional match card
Shigetoshi Arai vs. Kazunari Mashima
RIZIN MMA rules: 5 min. 3R (66.0kg)

Name: Suguru Nii Place of Birth: Hokkaido, Japan Date of Birth: January 13, 1991
Height: 173cm Reach: 172cm (68inc) Weight: 66.0kg

He has a track record of winning the Hokkaido High School Judo Tournament and began training in mixed martial arts at the Mach Dojo. He gained experience in underground fighting and made his professional debut in GLADIATOR in September 2013. After winning the VTJ GRAPPLERS CROWN 2nd in June 2015, he went on to win two consecutive matches by submission, using the ground fighting and physical strength he had cultivated in judo as his weapons. In April 2018, he won the 8-man one-night tournament at the X-1 World Events in Hawaii. In October 2021, his first appearance in RIZIN after a two-year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, he suffered a submission loss to veteran Daisuke Nakamura. In February 2022, he suffered two consecutive losses, including a 1RTKO loss to his hometown rival Kura Yamamoto, and once again took to the PANCR He returned to the PANCRASE stage in July, and in his comeback match he defeated Reo Hansen in the first round with his signature arm lock. In December, he defeated Ryo Takagi with an arm lock to win two consecutive matches. . He landed a right straight early in the first round and then finished with a soccer kick to win his first RIZIN victory. In the September PANCRASE featherweight championship match, he submitted his opponent Shunsuke Kamei with a clothesline in the early stages of the second round to become champion. On New Year’s Eve, he sent Yoshiaki Dominator Satoshi to the mat with a right hook and is currently on a five-fight winning streak with all of his victories coming by way of finish. With this momentum, he hopes to take the title of Japan’s strongest grappler from Kazumasa Majima and become the eye of the storm in the RIZIN featherweight division, where many strong contenders vie for supremacy.



Name: Kazumasa Majima Place of Birth: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan Date of Birth: October 16, 1991
Height: 170cm Reach: 174cm (69inc) Weight: 66.0kg Affiliation: Mouri Dojo

A grappler whose name is undoubtedly mentioned when the question “Who is the strongest Japanese grappler?” is asked. He started judo at the age of 3 and participated in the Inter-High School and National Athletic Meet. He made his professional debut in 2003. In 2015, he won the Shooto Lightweight Rookie of the Year title, and in 2018, he was crowned the third-generation featherweight champion of Rebel FC. Since his debut, he has won 12 of his 14 fights by submission and boasts a diverse range of techniques, including arm-bar, choke, shoulder lock, guillotine, and kimura.


In August 2020, he faced Hiro Saito, the then-world champion of Shooto, in his first RIZIN tournament match after 12 consecutive wins. In the first round, he took down his opponent and dominated from the mount position, ��, but in the second round, he was caught in a tackle and suffered a knee strike from a soccer kick, resulting in a TKO loss. In his second match in March 2019, he succumbed to a triangle choke from the Bonsai Jiu-Jitsu of Kleber Koike, suffering an ippon loss.


In April 2020, he suffered his third consecutive RIZIN loss, submitting to a shoulder lock in the third round against Masanori Kanehara. In May 2011, his comeback match after his injury, he submitted Takahiro Ashida with a van-full choke at the end of the first round, achieving his long-awaited first victory in RIZIN. In September, he again defeated Takeshi Yokoyama in a grappling match. In February this year, his match against Masakazu Imanari, which had been postponed due to his own injury, finally went ahead, but he tapped out in the second round due to an armbar.


In this rematch, which will be another grappler showdown, he wants to turn everything around by submitting Arai, who continues to make rapid progress. Comment from the participating player Shigetoshi Arai I am really happy to be able to compete on this stage as a fighter. My opponent is a shadowy powerhouse, Majima. I’m going to do my job by finishing the match in a spectacular fashion to really warm up the venue before the main featherweight bout. In the fiercely competitive featherweight division, with so many strong foreign fighters here, I can’t afford to lose here. I’m looking forward to crushing it with Majima. I am honored to be able to participate in such a big tournament as a fighter. I am honored to be able to participate in such a big tournament as a martial artist. I’ll put on a good match and get the 40,000 people in the audience excited. I also want to win by submission against Arai and report my victory to the company I work for. Please support me! Materials and photos related to each tournament Photos related to each tournament will be shared on the Dropbox account we have provided.

Tournament Outline Date and time of the event:

Sunday, July 28, 2024, doors open at 12:00 (tentative), event starts at 14:00 (tentative) The opening and start times are provisional. We will announce them on the RIZIN FF official website as soon as they are confirmed. Scheduled end time: 20:00-21:00 Please note that the scheduled end time may change depending on the matches and the progress of the event.


Saitama Super Arena




Title Sponsor:

Yogibo Production cooperation: M-up Holdings Co.

Ticket Prices:

VVIP1 1,100,000 yen (with benefits, first row of arena) *Sold out VVIP 2nd and 3rd rows 550,000 yen (with benefits, arena 2nd and 3rd rows) *Sold out VIP seats 220,000 yen (with benefits), SRS seats 55,000 yen Asakura Mirai cheering seat S seat 35,200 yen *Sold out Ren Hiramoto cheering seat S seat 35,200 yen *Sold out S seats 33,000 yen *Sold out, A seats 16,500 yen *Sold out All seats reserved, tax included PPV information *Information will be announced on the RIZIN FF official website as soon as it is decided.

For other tournament information and tickets, please check the following page https://jp.rizinff.com/_ct/17689701 Previously announced cards What is RIZIN? The title RIZIN is a combination of the Japanese word for thunder, which has been passed down since ancient times, and the word “rise”, which means “the sun rises”. By adding the letter “Z”, which means “the last” and “the ultimate”, to the title, we have expressed our goal and will to create a stage that “continues to shine and rise forever”. RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX, which was held at Saitama Super Arena, the holy land of martial arts, on December 29th and 31st, 2015, was centered around a tournament featuring the best fighters from organizations around the world the tournament between the strongest fighters from around the world, as well as the fresh fights of fighters making their MMA debut, the fights where veterans put their pride on the line, and the beautiful fights between women, intoxicated many fans with the true appeal of martial arts. We used this tournament as a starting point to launch three arrows into the world of martial arts. 1. To create a stage that is worthy of the final moments of fighters who are putting an end to their “complete” careers. 1. “Breath” To create a stage where talented and ambitious fighters who will lead the next generation of the martial arts world can fully demonstrate their appeal and make a breakthrough. 1. “Future”: As a martial arts federation, we will form alliances with promotions that are springing up all over the world, and establish a framework and stage where the strongest can compete beyond the framework of promotions, while maintaining the unique characteristics of each organization that reflect the culture and customs of each country.

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