P’s Lab in Yokohama under new management

This is a bit of news from the press conference that was held on January 20th. During the press conference Pancrase CEO Sakai san Former KOP Kitaoka san discussed the future of the dojo P’s Lab in Yokohama. I will attempt to summarize what the page below says in a bite size news clip. It says that Pancrase CEO Sakai san and Kitaoka san have come to the agreement that Kitaoka san will become the owner of the P’s Lab in Yokohama and retain the historical dojo sign. There has been some issues with the building owner in the recent past but those have been sorted out and the historical Yokohama location of P’s Lab can continue!

In fact this gym has had many historical champions train there. Everyone who joins the dojo for training instantly loves it. We are confident that under Kitaoka san’s management this historical dojo will continue to thrive and produce even more champions. There is so much MMA history there and it is wonderful that this dojo can continue!

There will be some remodeling and renovation that will take place soon. They are planning to be ready and back to training by March 2016. Pancrase new era starts in March 2016! Pancrase is not dead!



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