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This coming weekend, 40 of Asia’s most talented MMA prospects will step into the Octagon at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai to begin a journey that could make a dream come true. The opening round of ROAD TO UFC Season 3 commences! After three rounds of tournament action, four division winners will be awarded a UFC contract.

ROAD TO UFC Season 3 will feature the flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight divisions, and for the first time, the women’s strawweight division will be included.

🇨🇳 China represent:

  • There are 15 athletes from China participating in the opening round and non-tournament bouts: Bahatebole Batebolati, Feier Huang, Feng Xiaocan, Zhu Kangjie, Wang Cong, Dong Huaxiang, Shi Ming, Xie Bin, Yibugele, Jiniushiyue, Daermisi Zhawupasi, Yan Qihui, Yin Shuai, Baergeng Jieleyisi, and Li Yunfeng.

🇮🇳 India represent:

  • There are 4 athletes representing India in the opening round: Kiran Singh, Priya Sharma, Angad Bisht, and Kiru Singh Sahota.

🇯🇵 Japan represent:

  • There are 9 athletes from Japan participating in the opening round and non-tournament bouts: Miki Motono, Shin Haraguchi, Tatsuya Ando, Masuto Kawana, Tatsuya Saika, Shohei Nose, Ren Ozaki, Toki Matsui, and Tokitaka Nakanishi

🇰🇷 South Korea represent:

  • There are 8 athletes from South Korea participating in the opening round and non-tournament bouts: HanSeul Kim, JunYoung Hong, YoungJae Song, YeDam Seo, WonBin Ki, DongHoon Choi, SooYoung Yoo, and KyuSung Kim.

🇵🇭 Philippines represent:

  • There are 2 athletes from the Philippines participating in the opening round: John Dave Almanza and Ruel Panales.

ROAD TO UFC Season 3 opening rounds will air live prime time in Asia on Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19. Each day, the first episode begins at 6pm (Shanghai) and the second episode starts at 8pm.

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