PANCRASE 344/345

On June 30th, Sunday, PANCRASE 344/345 will take place at New Pier Hall. The schedule for the tournament will be announced soon.

The following matches are scheduled:

★ Featherweight / 5min. 3R ★
In the featherweight category, Kim Sang Won from KOREAN TOP TEAM will face Dai Nakata from Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS/Musashi Murayama Saito Clinic. Kim Sang Won, with a record of 12-6-1, is the Korean featherweight champion and will be competing against Nakata, who has a record of 6-5 and is making his return to the octagon.

★ Middleweight / 5min 3R ★
Yura Naito, the 15th Middleweight Champion from Reversal Gym Yokohama Grand Slam, with 5 wins, will enter the CAGE for the first time in over two years.

★ Lightweight / 5min 3R ★
The 2022 NBT same class champion, Shinsuke Nishio from Uruno Dojo, with a record of 5-4-1 NC, will fight against Daichi Kamiya from BRAVE GYM, who has 5 wins.

★ Flyweight / 5min 3R ★
Tomoki Otsuka from CAVE, the 2021 NBT strawweight champion with a 6-0 record, will compete against the 2023 NBT same weight champion with a 4-0 record.

★ Flyweight / 5min 3R ★
Masatoshi Ueda from G-face TEAM Ogata Dojo, the 2013 NBT Super Flyweight Champion with a 20-9-3 record, will fight Genta Shindo from KINGCRAFT, who has a 5-2 record. Ueda is entering the tournament after an 18-month hiatus, while Shindo is more than a year younger than Ueda.

★ Bantamweight / 5min 3R ★
Harumasa Taniuchi from Blue dog gym, the 2012 NBT Featherweight Champion, will face Tadahiro Harada from G-face.


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