Return of Sakaraba san in 2016?

Everyone that loves MMA like us knows the name that is synonomous with strength, pure will power, and martial arts skill. That name is SAKARABA! He is known in Japan as the Gracie Hunter. He has fought and beat the tough members of the Gracie family in the past. Just last year at the RIZIN NYE show Sakaraba san faced off with Shinya Aoki. It was not a match that was easy to watch. I of course respect both men as martial artists. But seeing Sakaraba san back in the ring after so long an absence made me feel a bit uncomfortable, to say the least.

Shinya Aoki was of course in top shape. Both men are fantastic in their art, but as we all know time can catch up with you. This seemed to be the case with Sakaraba san that day. He ended up taking a beating that left us all wondering what to think about Sakaraba san and his former glory. At a certain point in the fight Aoki san was calling to the ref and asking if he should keep one dishing out the punishment or not. Later in the press conference afterwards Aoki san said that we all have a job to do. Even if we do not want to do it and don’t like it, we still are obligated to do our job. I get what he means.

Now a few months have passed and it seems that Sakaraba san is ready to have another go at MMA glory. Nothing is written in stone as of yet but this recent Tweet from the CEO of Rizin, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, says that “this guy is ready and wants to keep going!”

What will happen? Will we see Sakaraba san back in the ring again in 2016?





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