OUCH! UFC Loses Top Female Prospect, She Explains Bellator Money Is Better

Another big name in MMA has decided to go to Bellator instead of the UFC. Anastasia Yankova has made the move. I think these athletes are looking at the profitability when decided who to sign with . Is this a new trend? I get it. One promotion offers a huge opportunity and loads of sponsors while the other offers you sneakers… In the old days you could make a living doing MMA. But now that you have the Reebok deal you have MMA fighter that are on TV that have to have regular jobs.


It’s not easy! If you are on TV and you are a professional MMA fighter, what can you do for a regular job? It is difficult and I see more fighters making the jump to Bellator. This will be interesting for sure.




Original Source: http://entimports.com/2016/01/female-muay-thai-champ-explains-signing-with-bellator-over-the-ufc/

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