Pancrase 277 Announced for April 24th!




PANCRASE277 4.24 Differ Ariake tournament

Champion – Tokudome  the former UFC fighter!
Interim champion fight between  Ushiku and Ichihijiri!
Mamoru vs Sen third challenger fight!
Kume vs Ishikawa also on the card!

PANCRASE277 4.24 Differ Ariake tournament Overview

22nd Neo Blood Tournament

PANCRASE277 4.24 Differ Ariake tournament Overview

Date and time: April 24th OPENS at 14: 30 / STARTS at 15:00
Venue: Differ Ariake
Pre Order Admission: VIP (with brochure) ¥ 14,000- SS (with brochure) ¥ 11,000- A (with brochure) ¥ 8,000- B ¥ 6,500-
※ preschool child are free.
Tickets On the day of the fights will be 500 JPY more.
Organizer: Pancras
Supported by: Don Quixote, STC GROUP, Marshall World Japan, KAIZ, DPS, gill breathing, Ant Works
Cooperation: health physical fitness Institute
Contact: Pancras 03-5339-9198
Ticket information
Tickets Release Date: March 13, (Sun)



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