UFC 196 A Night for Upsets

UFC 196 is in the books! What an evening. Connor got submitted by Diaz in classic Gracie style. What I mean by that is that if you watch all the old Gracie Challenge tapes or on Youtube you can see that they will mount and punch the face. The guy on bottom doesn’t know how to defend and as soon as the top guy  moves his leg the bottom guy exposes his back and his put in a RNC. This is exactly what Diaz pulled off (like the bad ass he is) on Connor. For me Connor’s grappling leaves a lot to be desired. I am sure that most of his losses in the sport are because he cannot wrestle. Diaz on the other hand is a ground fighting wizard. I am sure Connor is good at boxing and has one punch KO power but as they say when you are on the ground that isn’t worth a pinch of shit.

The women’s bantamweight division was also on fire!! Miesha Tate Vs Holly Holm was a fight to remember. Holm survived a RNC from hell in round 2 and came back to look like she may win just on fighting a good fight all the way to the end. But Miesha was not having it. Meisha took Holly done again and this time turned up the RNC to 11!!! Holm was put to sleep and making Miesha Tate your new bantamweight champion. If you ask me Tate really felt the pressure to turn her UFC career around. It looks like Ronda Rousey  Vs Miesha Tate 3 might be unavoidable at this point. Of course we will watch it like always. What will that be like? You and I both know that Holm merc’d Rousey in their fight. That kind of KO can change a person or even take away her chin. Furthermore Tate has 2 goes with Ronda and has lasted the longest with her in the cage. It will be pretty interesting. Then again Ronda may just say fuck it and not fight anymore. We do not know what will happen. If that is the case Amanda Nunez may be up for a shot at the champ.




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