Pancrase 276 Stand out Super Star Yuki Yasunaga

PANCRASE276 3 May 13 (Sunday) Differ Ariake

Ninth match semifinal flyweight 5 minutes 3R
○ Yuki Yasunaga (Tokyo Yellow Man / # 1)
Wins by decision  with the decision by the judges of29-28,29-28,30-28 Over
○ Rirudeshi Lima Diaz (Brazil / NALDAO TEAM / 3-position)

Wins a fight of the night bonus of ¥ 150,000.

The most fun fight of the night for sure! Yuki Yasunaga Likes to do some crazy movements and weird dances during his walk out and EVEN DURING THE FIGHT!!!

You are fighting this guy and all the sudden he does some silly dance! Well the crowd loved it and they went crazy when Yuki Yasunaga won by decision over Rirudeshi Lima Diaz. Some amazing fighting skills and a little touch of Curly from the 3 Stooges!

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