Pancrase 281 Jarrod Brooks calls out Kento Kambe!

Pancrase 281 was an amazing event. There were several changes that made it a bit different for the international viewer. The Promotion that runs Pancrase has made the first time ever agreement with MX Tokyo TV to broadcast live MMA fights on a monthly basis on regular Japanese TV. What does this mean for the international fans? Well you still get full coverage in English from your favorite commentators Stewart Fulton (@sfultonMMA) , Guy Delemeau (@mmaguyinjapan), and Jeremy Deschner (@jiujitsu_jedi), however you get voice over only. In the past the opening and the closing of every event as well as the interview with the winners by Stewart Fulton, was conducted live on air. Now for the international fans can only hear the voice over.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Pancrase Radio Podcast (@pancraseradio) has started producing videos from behind the scenes. You can watch the videos on YouTube(tm). Their channel is found here:(

Pancrase 281 brought in many new fighter and talents from the US. One that you really want to keep an eye on is Jarrod Brooks! This guy is dyno-mite!


In Pancrase 281 Jarrod Brooks and his opponent both entered the cage with zero losses in their MMA Careers. His opponent, Jun Nakamura was ranked 7th going in to the fight and Brooks being a new talent was at around 9th. During the lead up to this fight Jarrod used his expert trash talking to such great ability that he actually effected the Japanese language over all. Before in Japan, fighters were very kind to each other in the lead up to a fight. Now they heard Jarrod Brooks ripping on people and they started to copy it! It is really amazing. In Japanese they didn’t have a word for “Trash Talking” so they adapted the work into Katakana and now it is part of the Japanese language. トラーシュターキング is now a real thing in Japan and Japanese! Thanks Jarrod!
At the end of the fight Jarrod Brooks walked away with the win and then he let is トラーシュターキング start again! This time he called out Kento Kambe san!


Kambe san is one of the best up and coming fighters in Pancrase. He is only 20 years old and already has a 10 and 0 record in MMA. He has been out for almost one year due to back injury


Kambe san did not back down to Brook’s trash talking! Kambe san answered the call out and came to the cage and said “I don’t find you the least bit interesting!” Calm and collected, like a smooth killer!

If these two have a fight it is going to be one of the most exciting things to hit Pancrase! Don’t blink ladies and gentlemen! Pancrase is raising the bar for MMA in Japan!

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