Rizin End of the Year Show 2016

That’s right ladies and gents. Rizin will be back in about 3 weeks to put on their end of the Year spectacular show for fans in Japan. It all starts on December 29th and will go almost right up to the countdown for 2017. During the 3 Day event there is an MMA Expo that is held in Saitama Super Arena. The Expo will feature many fighting organizations and styles. The event last year was full of Celebrities and competitors from all over the world. There is even a grappling tournament that is held during the expo to showcase some of the best grapplers and Jiu-jitsu fighters in Japan.

During the Expo the fans can walk around and take photos with some of their favorite athletes as well. Most of the fighters that will take part in the fighting tournament on New Years Eve will be out and about in the crowd meeting fans. Every year it has a great turn out and there are a lot of happy fans.

The Grappling tournament is a real crowd pleaser as well. Each year a select few of the best in Japan are selected to a grappling only tournament. This tournament is amazing to see because you have some grapplers putting together some new Jiu-jitsu combinations that are so fast and so precision that if you blink you will miss them. The over all winner will be awarded cash and prizes for their victory and will receive a medal to display at their home or dojo. The Rizin Medal is held in such high regard in Japan that it can make a school famous if one of the fighters from that school wins.

Finally you have what we all have been waiting for, the open weight tournament. Rizin is unique in the MMA game in Japan as they tend to put on what comedian and fellow MMA commentator, Joe Rogan, calls “Freak Shows”. Here at MMA Japan we just call them fun! Rizin goes out of their way to put on shows that fans want to see with the fighters that fans want to see! Have you ever found yourself discussing fights with your friends and said “I want to see Crocop fight Bob Sapp.” Basically any combination that your mind can come up with that you would consider the best fight of all times is what Rizin seems to be looking for. They do not disappoint either! Some truly amazing fights are on the cards. You have to tune in to see them because they are history making! This time is no exception. This event marks the return of Shane Carwin, Kitaoka, Gabbi Garcia, Kron Gacie, Crocop and more! Strap in folks this is going to be some amazing ride!

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Jeremy Deschner
Black Belt in American Karate from the Texas Karate Institute. Now training in Brazilian Jiujitsu in Japan. Twitter: @mmajpn1 @jiujitsu_Jedi

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