What can we expect in Pancrase 284?


We have exciting news! ​The first card of 2017 for the legendary MMA Promotion PANCRASE was announced today by the promotion.

Pancrase 284 will take place at Differ Ariake on Sunday Feb. 5th, 2017.
The first match up that was announced for the card was Takumi Suzuki, who won the featherweight Neo Blood tournament of last year, will face off against Neo Blood winner from two years ago, Juntaro Ushiku.


It was also announced that Syuri and Hikaru Sato have also decided to participate on the first card even though their opponents have not been decided as of yet.
Pancrase 284 is already looking to be an exciting card. Stay tuned fight fans.

Pancrase 284 is looking like it will be a very exciting event. The kind of event that Pancrase is know for. Be sure to catch all our videos and upcoming podcasts covering the event.

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