Pancrase News: Pancrase expanding their roster

The CEO of Pancrase, Mr. Sakai recently represented the promotion at a cross promotional event called Carp Girls and Pu Girls. These are woman’s Professional Wrestling promotions here in Japan. All around the world, women and men have been flocking to women’s pro Wrestling and Woman’s MMA. They are very popular now. Recently on Feb. 5th 2017, Pancrase had a great turn out for Syuri Kondo vs. Minna Grusander in Pancrase 284. This shows the fans commitment and interest in Woman’s MMA.

Pancrase CEO, Mr. Sakai, is excellent at understanding these kinds of trends in the sport. He is working hard to increase the Pancrase roster of fighters. He is using these cross promotional events to scout out new talent that want to make their way into the MMA world. It is the goal of Pancrase to increase the roster to 200 fighters by they time the promotion moves venues to Studio Coast in 2018. It’s his intention to have 100 female fighters and 100 male fights by that time.

You can find out more about the CEO of Pancrase on their official site (Japanese only)

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